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Vincent D’Onofrio teases “bats**t crazy” Daredevil season 4

In a new interview, Vincent D'Onofrio has teased what to expect from the future of Daredevil and the evolution of Kingpin's character in the upcoming season.


From watching Vincent D’Onofrio as Kingpin, it’s become clear that the character is just as unhinged as he is evil. Throughout three seasons of Daredevil and even his appearance on Hawkeye, Kingpin has proven to be a formidable villain for not just Matt Murdock, but anyone who comes across him.

And one person who can’t wait to see where the MCU takes the character next is D’Onofrio himself, as he shared how one of the best Marvel characters had evolved since being a part of one of the best Netflix series in a new interview with Michael Rosenbaum. For D’Onofrio, no matter how “batshit crazy” the various villains might have seemed in all the Marvel movies in order, they have nothing on what fans will see of Kingpin when the Daredevil season 4 release date arrives.

“I have to say, the part that I’m playing now that I started on Netflix, the Daredevil show — he’s a crazy motherfucker,” the Marvel villain actor explained.

“This guy is so real and emotional, he’s like a big baby and a fucking monster at the same time, and it’s very, you know, like we had on the Netflix show as well. We had the opportunity to put him in somewhat normal situations where he finally fell in love and got married. In the new stuff we’re doing, he’s in normal situations as well: so even in Hawkeye […] and Echo, which is not out yet.”

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Teasing the evolution of his character in the upcoming Marvel series, D’Onofrio continued, “What precedes the new Daredevil: Born Again […] he’s in positions where like, he was in Netflix, where he’s the same guy, but he’s in a very normal position and to play him in a normal position like where you or I would be in is just batshit fucking crazy.”

“It’s like so fucking hard to do. And so fucking crazy, and the shit that’s going on in my mind when the cameras rolling is just fucking batshit stuff like honestly, like, I’ve got to the point where I cannot wait to see this man.”

So, you heard it here first. The craziest thing about Kingpin in this follow-up to the best TV series in Marvel history is, apparently, suburbia. Now the 2023 Writers Strikes and Actors Strikes are over, here are the latest updates on the upcoming Marvel movies. Or, if you want to be prepared for the next installment in Marvel’s Phase 5, here’s what we know about new movies like The Marvels.