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Tom Holland explains what happened when he farted in the Spider-Man suit

Spidey may have amazing abilities but even he's at the mercy of trapped wind and Holland recently admitted he farted in the Spider-Man suit

Tom Holland farted in the Spider-Man suit

Listen, they might be capable of leaping tall buildings in a single bound or outrunning speeding locomotives, but that doesn’t mean superheroes aren’t human. Consequently, superheroes – like all of us – are at the mercy of their bodily functions, including farting. Poor Tom Holland learned this the hard way when he, unfortunately, passed gas while wearing his Spider-Man suit.

Holland admitted to his farting faux pas during an appearance on The Zoe Ball Breakfast Show on BBC Radio 2 while promoting Spider-Man: No Way Home. Thankfully for the Spider-Man cast, Holland’s suit protects more than just his secret identity and trapped the noxious fumes in the tight spandex suit. Sadly for Holland, he was also trapped in the suit.

“In Spider-Man: No Way Home, there is a sequence where I save MJ and Ned, and I have to like, swing down,” Holland explained. “As we landed, Jacob was in front of me, and Zendaya was behind me, and as I sort of squatted, I let one rip, and Zendaya was like right behind me.”

“The lucky thing is that in the suit, the suit is so tight that no one could smell anything,” he continued. “Unfortunately, because the suit is so tight, I could smell everything for the rest of the day. I couldn’t even pretend it was a seam ripping. It was very obvious.”

We can think of a few Spider-Man villains who’ve weaponised toxic gas to use against the Wallcrawler, but this is the first we’ve heard of Pete poisoning himself. In less smelly news, we recently learned that Holland has pitched a potential fourth movie to Sony.

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In an interview with Fandom, Holland said he couldn’t explain too much for risk of spoiling No Way Home, but he’s an idea where he’d like Spider-Man to go in future. It’s intriguing to hear Holland’s thinking of his Marvel Cinematic Universe future, considering recent comments he made about not playing Spider-Man in his 30s.

During the same interview, he admitted he’d like his version of Spider-Man to battle the Kingpin and Madame Web.

Spider-Man: Man No Way Home is part of Marvel’s Phase 4 and swings into theatres on December 15. If you love superhero action movies, then check out our guide on  Black Panther 2 for everything you need to know about Wakanda Forever.