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Chris Hemsworth still “loves” the worst Thor movie, apparently

Like his children, Chris Hemsworth has revealed that he has affection for all the Thor movies in the MCU, even the one we all know could've been better.

Chris Hemsworth in Thor 4

Even the low-points of the MCU still have fans, even if it’s their creators. Chris Hemsworth recently spoke about his work within the Marvel Cinematic Universe and revealed that he still holds all the Thor movies in high esteem – yes, even The Dark World.

The action movie star spoke about it during Actually Me for GQ, where he responds to comments from fans on various social media platforms. On Quora, someone asked about ranking the Thor MCU movies from “dope to the dopest,” and Hemsworth had his say.

“Ragnarok, I think, because it was my favorite experience,” he starts. “And Thor, because it was the first time I’d ever played the character, and it was the launch of the whole Marvel experience and kind of my career. I hold them both in very high regard.”

The remaining Marvel movies headline by the God of Thunder get some love. “And I love the other two,” he adds. “The other two are fantastic as well.”

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Those are Thor: The Dark World, and Thor: Love and Thunder. I award four stars in my Thor: Love and Thunder review, so I’m with him on that one. The Dark World, though? “Fantastic” just isn’t a word that comes to mind.

Released in 2013, Thor: The Dark World was part of kicking off Phase 2. While there are redeemable features, like Tom Hiddleston’s performance as MCU character Loki, you’ve got a forgettable Marvel villain in Malekith, and a story expressly built to introduce the Reality Stone.

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Especially when compared to Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy – both out the next year – The Dark World was lackluster. In any case, at least Hemsworth remembers it well!

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