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What Super Skrull powers does Gravik have in Secret Invasion?

In the new Disney Plus show Secret Invasion Gravik's made no secret of his ambition to take down the Avengers and we finally learned how he plans on doing it.

Gravik in Secret Invasion

What powers does Gravik have in Secret Invasion? Warning, spoilers ahead. The new Disney Plus show Secret Invasion is all about the Skrulls trying to invade Earth, which seems a bit silly when you consider how many times other invaders have failed to conquer the planet.

It’s hardly surprising, though, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is protected by Earth’s mightiest heroes, the Avengers. Still, Secret Invasion episode 2 made clear that the Skrulls had a secret weapon, the Super-Skrulls.

These super-powered Skrulls are how Gravik plans on taking down the Avengers, and we got our first glimpse at one in Secret Invasion episode 3. Unsurprisingly, Gravik turned out to be the Marvel series‘ first Super Skrull (Shocking, I know!). So what Super Skrull powers does Gravik have? Spoilers ahead for the Disney Plus show.

What Super Skrull powers does Gravik have in Secret Invasion?

So far, Gravik’s only demonstrated one superpower. When Talos stabbed Gravik in the hand during Secret Invasion episode 3, the wound healed remarkably quickly while glowing with the trademark heat of Extremis.

Introduced in Iron Man 3 (The best of the Iron Man movies), Extremis grants the user several incredible abilities. Most notably, those infected with the nanobot virus are capable of healing incredibly quickly, gain super strength, and have limited pyrokinetic abilities (They can shoot fire).

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It’s worth noting that so far, Gravik’s only demonstrated rapid healing, and his strength seemed comparable to Talos’s during their scuffle so it’s possible the Skrull terrorist leader only has the healing abilities.

We know, though, that Gravik does have more superpowers up his sleeves. In a Secret Invasion trailer, we saw him transforming his arm into twisted branches to attack some unsuspecting humans so it seems likely he’s also given himself Groot’s powers as well.

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