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What are the Skrulls working on in Secret Invasion?

Lets dig into what the Skrulls are working on in Secret Invasion episode 2, and what the heck can Nick Fury possibly do about it in the Marvel series.

Ben Kingsley as Gravik in Secret Invasion

What are the Skrulls working on in Secret Invasion? Other than the invasion, of course. Gravik has the scientists and soldiers of New Skrullos working towards a hostile takeover with a scary new tactic.

In the Marvel series, the displaced Skrulls have turned to extremism to find a place to call home. We may never fully know why Nick Fury didn’t find the Skrulls a new planet in Secret Invasion, but it doesn’t matter much anymore: it’s too late now to say sorry.

But what are the Skrulls working on in Secret Invasion, and what new dangers do their technology and natural capabilities pose to the Marvel Cinematic Universe‘s Avengers? Spoilers ahead for Secret Invasion episode 2.

What are the Skrulls working on in Secret Invasion?

Gravik has Skrull scientists trying to create ‘Super-Skrulls’, which are spliced Skrulls with superhero powers. He likely wants them to lower the chances of the Avengers stopping his invasion.

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We’ve got more on the science stuff in our Super-Skrulls in Secret Invasion explained guide, but for now let us chat about consequences for the MCU…  This could spell disaster for Nick Fury’s side.

Unfortunately, we don’t foresee any big battles with Avengers on Disney Plus because of the Secret Invasion TV series and comic differences, but who knows, maybe this experimentation on Skrulls will amount to something in the future. God knows it’s certainly a threat to Earth’s chances to defend itself.

The Avengers’ powers have saved the world countless times, but what happens if there is nothing special about them? What if the bad guys could mimic their capabilities and match them? All of this goes to show this is a new kind of war in the MCU, less about explosions and more about strategic chess — that’s what makes the Skrulls some of the best Marvel villains to date.

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