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Secret Invasion release date has finally been revealed

Samuel L Jackson's upcoming Marvel series is locked and loaded, and we finally have an MCU Secret Invasion release date to look forward to.

Secret Invasion: Samuel L Jackson as Nick Fury

It’s been a long road to the Marvel series Secret Invasion. When rumours first started circulating about Kevin Feige adapting one of Marvel Comic’s most lauded events, many assumed its story of body swaps and infiltration would be the bones of an Avengers movie.

For better or for worse, things haven’t worked out that way, with the MCU‘s Secret Invasion set to come to Disney Plus as a TV series. And with a high bar to reach, we’ll soon be finding out what the adaptation will look like.

After a rocky start to Marvel’s Phase 5, we have a confirmed Secret Invasion release date.

The Samuel L Jackson sci-fi series is set to land on June 21 2023 on Disney‘s streaming service, making it a summer event and preceding The Marvels release date, which will likely be the next time Skrulls show up.

Disney Plus made the announcement on March 27, teeing up the latest MCU instalment, and the first to rest fully on the shoulders of Marvel character and spy extraordinaire Nick Fury.

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Secret Invasion follows the latest of the Marvel movies in orderAnt-Man 3, and looks to be a mystery series which will utilise some, but clearly not a lot, of beats from the brilliant original storyline.

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