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Did Secret Invasion really just kill [SPOILER]?

The mysterious Marvel series has officially landed on Disney Plus. And as for which character was mercilessly killed off, here are the spoiler-filled answers.

Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury in Secret Invasion

Does Maria Hill die in Secret Invasion? The latest MCU TV series has begun its run, and the noir-flavored thriller following longtime MCU character Nick Fury hit the ground running with political intrigue, mystery, and Skrull attacks.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe characters are placed on a chess board in the Marvel series that makes clear pieces could be removed at any moment, and we saw Nick and his right-hand woman, Maria Hill, operating together again.

Cobie Smulders as Maria was introduced in 2012’s The Avengers, and she’s been an underrated part of a few of the best Marvel Cinematic Universe projects since. So, once you know how to watch Secret Invasion and have seen episode 1 (you’ve been warned, spoilers ahead), dig into the answer to did Maria Hill die in Secret Invasion episode 1.

Does Maria Hill die in Secret Invasion?

Maria Hill died in Secret Invasion episode 1 after being targeted by Skrull radical Gravik during a terror attack. It was definitely her, as her body didn’t shapeshift into a Skrull after.

The Disney Plus show is utilizing B-list supporting characters largely because they can flirt with death, and proved as much in episode 1’s terror attack that takes place in Russia. Nick and Maria try to intervene, but the plan goes awry and when chaos and panic ensued, Maria was stealthily killed by Gravik in the crowd, who made sure Fury saw.

Why did Gravik kill Maria?

Gravik killed Maria because she was attempting to foil his plans and because of her close relationship with Nick Fury.

Gravik got away with the attack, but Maria would have been by Nick’s side until the very end, so she was a logical player to remove from the field given her skills and proximity to the conflict. More than that, Gravik knows Nick and Maria are longtime colleagues, so killing Maria is a personal jab at Nick. Gravik feels scorned by Fury’s lack of action regarding finding the Skrulls a new home world and wants him to suffer.

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