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Where was Secret Invasion filmed?

The new Disney Plus show is taking Nick Fury across the world to uncover an alien conspiracy. Here's all the Secret Invasion filming locations.

Nick Fury looms over the Secret Invasion filming locations

Where was Secret Invasion filmed? The newest Marvel Disney Plus show, Secret Invasion, isn’t your typical superhero drama. This new TV series is the MCU’s answer to James Bond and sees our hero, Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson), traveling around the world as he attempts to stop an alien invasion.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is, of course, always big and ambitious when making its superhero movies but Secret Invasion’s just a Marvel series. The studio’s not really paid to send Jackson around the world, has it?

Well, the Secret Invasion release date is finally here, so we thought we’d lift the lid on the Secret Invasion filming locations, which will hopefully offer some insight into how production designers, location managers, and CGI artists bring the various locales of the MCU to life.

Secret Invasion filming locations

Like a lot of Marvel productions, Secret Invasion was filmed at multiple locations across the globe. However, the bulk of the shooting was completed in the UK, primarily in Yorkshire, London, and Pinewood Studios. Secret Invasion was also shot on location in Atlanta and LA. 

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Major Secret Invasion filming locations

Samuel L Jackson in Secret Invasion


The city of Halifax, located in West Yorkshire, doubled as part of Moscow in the Secret Invasion. The Dean Clough building, an old refurbished mill, can be seen in several shots during the first episode.

New Skrullos City in Secret Invasion New Skrullos city

New Skrulllos City is supposedly somewhere southwest of Moscow, but in reality, it’s the old Shredded Wheat Factory in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, about 20 miles north of London. The factory was enhanced using CGI to give it a suitably Soviet appearance.

Moscow in the MCU

Moscow City Center

The great northern city of Leeds was used to film the posher part of Moscow city center. The show was filmed around Greek Street and Bond Court.

Vossoyedineniye Square

Vossoyedineniye Square in Secret InvasionThe imposing Piece Hall in Halifax was used as Vossoyedineniye Square, where the Secret Invasion episode 1 finale took place. While some CGI was used to give the square a slightly more Muscovite appearance, the hall’s unmistakable if you’ve ever visited.

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The complete list of  Secret Invasion filming locations

  • Atlanta, Georgia, USA
  • Brixton Village, London, England, UK
  • Dean Clough Mills, Halifax, West Yorkshire, England, UK
  • Halifax, West Yorkshire, England, UK
  • Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, England, UK
  • Los Angeles, California, USA
  • London, Greater London, England, UK
  • Leeds, West Yorkshire, England, UK
  • Longcross Studios, Surrey, England, UK (Studio)
  • The Piece Hall, Blackledge, Halifax, West Yorkshire, England, UK
  • Pinewood Studios, Buckinghamshire, UK

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