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Loki isn’t actually Ke Huy Quan’s first time in the Marvel universe

Ke Huy Quan formally joined the MCU in Loki season 2, but the seasoned actor actually had a brush with Marvel movies decades ago, way back in the early days.

Ke Huy Quan in Everything Everywhere All At Once

The premiere of Loki season 2 introduced Ke Huy Quan to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and there are few actors I was happier to see. After his awesome, Oscar-winning performance in Everything Everywhere All At Once, I’ll take him in just about anything he cares to do.

But even though this might seem like his grand introduction to the MCU, Ke Huy Quan was already familiar with the broader universe. Sadly, you aren’t going to spot him when going back through the Marvel movies in order. You need to go back to the X-Men movies in order, where Quan served as a stunt trainer.

Resurfaced behind-the-scenes footage from the first X-Men shows Quan organizing a fight between Hugh Jackman and his stuntman. When Marvel Phase 5 wasn’t even a nascent idea, Quan was there, helping Jackman get his claws stuck into what would be a hugely influential picture.

At that point in time, upcoming Marvel movies amounted to Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man, and… that’s it. A different time for everyone, no less Quan, who’s now transitioned to being in front of the camera for Marvel series Loki.

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He portrays one of the best Marvel characters in the show, Ouroboros, a TVA repairman who, shockingly, proves unable to clean up Mobius and Loki’s mess. Getting his start back on Indiana Jones, Quan has since become a reliable genre performer. One need only look at the success of Everything Everywhere All At Once, one of the best movies of the last decade, to understand his capabilities.

He even took home an Oscar for that film, making him an ideal candidate to join the Marvel Studios phalanx. Likewise, since Everything Everywhere is all about the multiverse, Quan is uniquely qualified to help out the Loki season 2 cast navigate what’s going on.

Now, we can only hope Deadpool 3 allows for a moment between Quan and Jackman to bring all of this full circle. We’ll see what happens! Loki season 2 is streaming weekly on Disney Plus. Check out our Loki season 2 review for more on that, and we have guides on The Marvels and the Echo release date for more of that franchise, as well as a new movies list to keep you informed on all the other releases.