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MCU fan theory suggests surprising link between every Stan Lee cameo

Stan Lee's cameos have always been a highlight of the MCU, with the late comic creator a cult hero for Marvel fans. But fans think there was more to his roles.

MCU fans think Stan Lee's MCU cameos are linked

There aren’t many fan communities as devoted and creative as the one surrounding the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And a new MCU fan theory suggests that the late comic book impresario Stan Lee’s famous cameo appearances throughout the Marvel movies in order had a surprising connection behind them.

In a Reddit post this week, one Marvel fan wrote that they believe Stan Lee’s myriad appearances across the best movies in Marvel history are all in the guise of the same character: multiversal figure One-Above-All.

One-Above-All is the ultimate creator of the multiverse in Marvel Comics and first appeared in a 2004 issue of Fantastic Four. On numerous occasions, he has been depicted on the page as a manifestation of legendary comic book writer Jack Kirby.

In the post, the fan writes: “Within Marvel canon, The One Above All’s appearance has only been officially acknowledged a few times, usually appearing in different forms, (a bum to Peter Parker, Jack Kirby to The Fantastic 4…). This directly explains why he’s able to appear in so many different places, and in so many different timelines, and go completely unnoticed in universe.”

Of course, there is already an explanation for Stan Lee’s repeated appearances written into the MCU. In one of the post-credits scenes after Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, the Stan Lee character was revealed as an informant for the Watchers, reporting on his travels across the universe.

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However, it’s exciting to theorize about the idea that Lee could have been an all-powerful, divine figure within the MCU. We will never stop enjoying the musings of fans about the best Marvel characters as the new movies keep coming.

That being said, we’d dearly like people to stop going on about Mephisto every time there’s any suggestion of a mysterious character. Much like “fetch”, it’s not going to happen.

Of course, Marvel Phase 5 is now in full swing and we’re looking ahead to the Loki season 2 release date, as well as upcoming Marvel movies with The Marvels release date and the Captain America 4 release date. There’s plenty to get excited about.

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