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This Spider-Man variant is the cutest, and we just want to cuddle it

This Spider-Man variant may be a corporate plant, but we love it anyway. Even more than all of the Spider-Verse variants from the best animated movies.

Tom Holland as Peter Parker in Far From Home and Spider-Man Tsum Tsum

There’s many a Spider-Man variant out there. Heck, 2018’s Into the Spider-Verse alone introduced a gazillion versions of our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Prepare yourselves, though, because we think we’ve found the absolute cutest one.

We’re not talking about Tom Holland or any of the Spider-Man actors, for that matter — that’s a different kind of cute — we’re talking about an adorable Spidey that crash-landed on Earth-616 on his way to the greedy Collector.

If this lil’ guy was in new movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, maybe the box office for upcoming Marvel movies would bounce right back, because just look at it!

Spider-Man variant Tsum Tsum and Peter Parker

His name is Tsum Tsum (pronounced “tsoom tsoom”). And, also, he is a Tsum Tsum, because they are a line of stuffed stackable toys of Disney characters. His appearance in Marvel Tsum Tsum #1
(released in August 2016) is basically a commercial, but who can be mad at that smooshy face?

After crash-landing on Earth and witnessing a battle between the Avengers and Ultron, Tsum Tsum adapted itself to imitate Spider-Man. This Tsum Tsum’s abilities include self-replication and the power to mimic abilities by watching them being performed by others. Let’s hope he wasn’t watching any news coverage of Thanos’ snap — he might get the wrong idea.

And it wouldn’t be outside the realm of possibility, because villain Looter convinced it to turn into Ultron and create other versions of itself for more super-villiam Tsum Tsums to be made. Of course, it all turned out okay in the end, with our small friend on the right side of things by the last page.

You can see Spider-Tsum Tsum and a bunch of other ovular Avengers kicking some Loki butt in the promotional video for the toys below. Turns out the God of Mischief is one of the best Marvel villains even in the Tsumiverse.

YouTube Thumbnail

There are multiple volumes of Marvel Tsum Tsum, which may be a great way to introduce some interested kids to comic books (or just extend their already massive Christmas lists).

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