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Marvel fans think Doc Ock has had an Iron Man upgrade in Spider-Man: No Way Home

Marvel fans think Doc Ock has had an Iron Man upgrade in Spider-Man: No Way Home

Doc Ock Iron Man upgrade

It’s no secret that Alfred Molina is set to reprise the role of Doctor Octopus in Spider-Man’s next Marvel Cinematic Universe outing No Way Home. The menacing mollusc-themed malcontent is well known to film fans after his iconic outing in Spider-Man 2 where he proved to be one of the deadliest villains the Wallcrawler has ever battled. Fans are convinced though that he’s about to get a lot deadlier.

The theory is based on a new still of Doc Ock from the upcoming action movie. For the most part, the sinister scientist looks like he did in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man series with one notable difference. His tentacles appear to have had a lick of paint and have gone from gunmetal grey to red and gold.

Long time Marvel fans will, of course, know that these are the colours of the late Iron Man and that’s got fans speculating that Oto has had an upgrade. They believe the deadly doctor’s used Iron Man’s nanotech to upgrade his tentacles with some people even suggesting he uses Peter Parker’s Iron Spider suit to do so.

Check out the fan’s reactions to Ock’s new snazzy tentacles here:

This is just one of a number of fan theories surrounding Spidey’s third MCU outing. Despite no official confirmation from Marvel Studios or Sony, fans are convinced that both Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield will appear in the movie as their respective Spider-Men.

The general theory is that Dr Strange’s spell, which brought the alternate villains to the MCU, also brought the different versions of Spider-Man through as well. Both Tom Holland and Andrew Garfield have denied that the film will be a live-action Spider-verse but that’s done nothing to dissuade the fans.

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What we do know for certain is that No Way Home will be epic in every sense of the word and is being treated as a finale by the current Spidey team. In a recent interview with EW Holland explained that even if they did return, the “Homecoming trilogy” would be over, and the characters would evolve in new ways.

“We were all treating [No Way Home] as the end of a franchise, let’s say. I think if we were lucky enough to dive into these characters again, you’d be seeing a very different version. It would no longer be the Homecoming trilogy,” Holland explained. “We would give it some time and try to build something different and tonally change the films. Whether that happens or not, I don’t know. But we were definitely treating [No Way Home] like it was coming to an end, and it felt like it.”

Spider-Man: No Way Home is part of Marvel’s Phase 4 and swings into theatres on December 17.