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Chris Hemsworth’s Marvel finale is on the cards with Thor 5

Love and Thunder has become one of the most divisive entries in the MCU, but Chris Hemsworth's return for Thor 5 is getting more likely.

Chris Hemsworth as Thor in Endgame

Out of all the individual movie series in the MCU, Chris Hemsworth’s Thor entries are by far the most fascinating, with wild ups and downs, and stark character transformations. However, after the most recent Love and Thunder, news on the development of a potential Thor 5 has been sparse.

Now, however, MCU director Taika Waititi (who helmed both the excellent Ragnarok and the divisive Love and Thunder) has confirmed that while he won’t be returning to the franchise, Chris Hemsworth is in a different position. Hemsworth is willing to revisit his Marvel character for a new movie, according to Waititi (via Inverse).

Waititi told the outlet that Hemsworth and Marvel Studios are in talks about Thor 5. While the film hasn’t been confirmed and isn’t on the current slate of upcoming Marvel movies, it sounds like we should all start preparing to rewatch the Thor movies in order, from start to finish, in anticipation.

Thankfully, despite the lack of any official announcement, we have a fairly solid idea of what Thor 5 would look like based on comments made by Hemsworth since the release of Love and Thunder. First of all, we know it would be the God of Thunder’s final outing. “I feel like we’d probably have to close the book if I ever did it again, you know what I mean? I feel like it probably warrants that. I feel like it’d probably be the finale,” said Hemsworth, speaking with Vanity Fair.

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Equally, from a podcast with Josh Horowitz, we know that the film would have to look and feel very different from Love and Thunder for Hemsworth to return. “I think it’d have to be a drastically different version – tone, everything. Just for my own sanity,” explained the actor. Similarly, in an interview with GQ, he said of Love and Thunder: “It just became too silly.”

So, we can piece this all together like a jigsaw to create a comprehensive vision of Thor 5. It would be different in tone and style from any other Thor movie, likely taking the character in a more serious direction again, and it would also be the finale, and the endpoint for Thor. The plot, ultimately, would be constructed around those requirements.

That’s music to our ears. Hemsworth’s Thor has been an integral part of the MCU since the very beginning, and he deserves a worthy send-off in the same vein as Iron Man and Captain America. Like Hemsworth, we’d like this to go down a moderately more serious path than Love and Thunder.

Waititi was able to use his style to reinvigorate Thor in Ragnarok, embracing a goofier side of the character and creating one of the very best movies in the MCU. However, Love and Thunder doubled down on this fundamentally unserious tone to a detrimental extent, resulting in one of the most disappointing and perplexing movies in the franchise’s history. From bafflingly bad visual effects to unfunny jokes, it was a misstep all around.

However with the prospect of Thor 5, and Hemsworth’s conditions for it, we’re now eagerly awaiting the character’s return. Give us more of Thor as he was in Infinity War, and we’ll be very, very happy.

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