Chris Hemsworth made Paul Rudd rethink his life choices on Marvel set

Paul Rudd worked hard on his diet and workout regime for the MCU and felt good about it, until he glimpsed Chris Hemsworth's physique.

Paul Rudd didn't enjoy seeing Chris Hemsworth's fitness on the Avengers Endgame set

Chris Hemsworth is the sort of guy whose mere existence can make anyone feel bad about their body. But for Paul Rudd on the set of Avengers: Endgame, it was even more infuriating. He’d been trying very hard to get himself into superhero shape, but still couldn’t get close to Hemsworth. It was enough to make him consider whether it was all worth it.

There are some very impressive physical specimens in the MCU, but there aren’t many MCU characters who can match up to Thor. After all, he is a god. That means that Chris Hemsworth requires a heck of a workout routine every time he prepares for one of his upcoming Marvel movies. But Paul Rudd worked hard to get into shape to lead the Ant-Man cast, only to still feel inferior to Hemsworth.

Rudd discussed his “very restrictive” superhero diet on the Off Menu podcast and explained that he used to drink sparkling water as a treat while preparing for his new movies. That’s right up there with the saddest things we’ve ever heard, to be quite honest.

Even worse still, Rudd still didn’t feel he was up to scratch in comparison to the stars around him. “I would eat better than everyone, and I looked worse than all of them,” he said, explaining that his interactions with Hemsworth on the set of Avengers: Endgame were an eye-opener.

Rudd said: “I remember on Endgame, Chris Hemsworth would always have these Tupperware containers and he’s eating this gruel of just a mash of stuff. He’s working out, and then you stand next to a guy like that, and I just think: ‘Well, what’s the point of any of this?’

“Why am I killing myself when that can exist, and then I look at myself and this exists. I can never achieve that … That was the good thing, that it was Ant-Man, it isn’t Thor. But I tried to work out, and it didn’t work.”

Despite how sad all of this sounds, Rudd said he actually didn’t mind the diet and had no problem keeping up with the “really boring food, every time, over and over again”. Presumably he’ll have the sparkling water right back again when he returns in Marvel’s Phase 5 and Marvel Phase 6.

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Rudd shouldn’t do himself down this much, especially as the official Sexiest Man Alive in 2021. If we’d won that title, we’d have it tattooed on our forehead. That might limit whether we can actually be in any of the best superhero movies in the Marvel world, but that’s a sacrifice we’re prepared to make.

We expect to see Rudd again when the Avengers 5 release date comes around, but there are plenty of films and Marvel series to get through before then. For the next one, check out our guide to Deadpool 3 and find out how to watch the Marvel movies in order to see how it all fits together.

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