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Captain America 4 finally gets an update, and there’s a catch

We've waited a while, but there's now fresh word on the status of Captain America 4 which simultaneously gives us hope and a little concern.

Anthony Mackie as Sam Wilson in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Do you want the good news or the bad news? Captain America 4 will begin shooting in the summer of 2024 (yay), but that means we’re not overly-confident in the MCU movie achieving its February 2025 release date (boo).

Steve Rodgers may be gone from the MCU, but we still have a Captain America 4 release date on the horizon, and it’s all thanks to Sam Wilson. The Marvel character took up the mantle from his old buddy in the Marvel series, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and we’ve been waiting for his big screen solo effort ever since.

Sadly, we may have to wait even longer for the new movie, as Deadline reports the flick will begin shooting around the summer of next year. While we should be happy to have an update on the production status of the upcoming Marvel movie, it doesn’t exactly bode well for the chances of getting the film out on time.

The report reveals writer Matthew Orton has joined the team for Captain America: Brave New World, with a view to writing “additional scenes and material.” It is thought the new content will be part of additional shooting set to take place in “spring-summer of 2024”.

In fairness, these kind of reshoots and extra scenes being added are “always planned as part of the studio’s quality control production process,” and it is believed this “can vary from as little as three days to more than two weeks.”

So, should we be worried? On paper, no. That all sounds perfectly normal and acceptable, and with over a year to go until the film is set for release, surely Marvel can get everything in order and hit the deadline. At least, that’s how we’d feel a few years ago, when faith in the MCU was at its peak.

Now, however, with Covid and strike action causing delays over the last few years, the cracks are starting to appear in the franchise, particularly in Phase 5. From Ant-Man 3’s rough VFX work, to The Marvels’ poor box office performance, it seems Marvel could be losing its touch. Add that to the numerous delays Phase 6 projects have experienced—we’ve lost count of the times the Blade release date has been pushed back—and we can’t help but feel a little unsure about Captain America 4.

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Still, with the legendary Harrison Ford among the Captain America cast this time, we will remain positive and hope for the best. Until the big day, you can look back at the Marvel movies in order, or dive into our list of the best Marvel villains. Next up for Marvel is Deadpool 3, and we’ve got all you need to know about that, too.