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Why did Captain America 4 change title?

Ahead of the Captain America 4 release date, Marvel has given one of its exciting upcoming MCU movies a new name. But why did Captain America 4 change title.

Why did Captain America 4 change title? One of the most exciting MCU projects we have on the slate for the coming years is the new Captain America movie. With Chris Evans gone as Steve Rogers, we’re now going to see Anthony Mackie get custody of the shield as he takes up the Cap moniker.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has gone in a variety of directions with its new movies and Marvel series since the culmination of the Infinity Saga in Avengers Endgame. When the Captain America 4 release date arrives, we should see one of the best MCU characters for the upcoming Avengers team-ups get firmly established, as Anthony Mackie gets the chance to take centre stage with the vibranium shield in his hands.

Marvel confirmed in a tweet today that Captain America 4 has been renamed from New World Order, to the similar but new title of Brave New World. They even gave us a sneak peek at Mackie and new co-star Harrison Ford on set. But why did Captain America 4 change title?

Why did Captain America 4 change title?

Marvel has not officially confirmed why Captain America 4 changed its title, but there are rumors that it has something to do with “New World Order” being a term from the world of conspiracy theories.

The studio simply tweeted the new title, along with a behind-the-scenes pic of the two top-billed members of the Captain America cast, and didn’t provide any further context.

Captain America 4 title change on Twitter

However, there have been rumors for several months that Marvel might quietly change the New World Order title.

The term is infamous for being the name given by various conspiracy theorists to a secretly emerging world government, embodied either by the Illuminati or another group. Just a quick warning in case you go Googling some versions of the theory are wildly antisemitic and are completely baseless.

More recently, the term has been in the news amid discussions of a political alliance between China and Russia. It’s yet another thorny issue and something the MCU movies wouldn’t want to be dragged into in any way. It’s much easier for the title to simply change.

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