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Brie Larson loves being an MCU superhero, but she really hates flying

Captain Marvel has some incredible cosmic powers and Brie Larson loves them all, but she always dreads filming aerial action sequences.

Brie Larson hates filming flying scenes as Captain Marvel

We’ve always thought being able to fly would be the coolest part of playing a superhero. But Brie Larson has actually been there, and she doesn’t agree. In fact, she’s found zooming around in the sky to be one of the least enjoyable parts of playing Captain Marvel.

Larson returned to the MCU this week for a hugely enjoyable team-up movie, as we wrote in our The Marvels review. But the return of Carol Danvers also meant plenty more stunts for the star, for better or worse. Now, Larson has an important PSA for anyone given the chance to play high-flying MCU characters in the future.

Appearing on The Tonight Show, Larson said: “Anybody out there who’s, like, thinking of becoming a superhero — or you’re a superhero and then suddenly you can fly — just know it means an eternal wedgie for everything you ever do after that.”

“You just don’t think about it. You’re like ‘cool, I can fly, wow’. Then you do it one time like ‘Peter Pan, cool’, and then you’re like: ‘Oh no, actually, this is so uncomfortable’.” It all sounds very painful and it certainly undercuts the cool factor of being able to wield Captain Marvel’s powers.

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If anything, it means we’re even more appreciative of Larson’s performance in The Marvels, given she has the ability to look like a badass hero even with the “eternal wedgie” in place. She said “a lot of core strength” helped to make it happen. We’re out of luck on that one.

We think The Marvels is right up there as one of the highlights of Marvel’s Phase 5 so far. It has been a while since we were genuinely hyped about one of the upcoming Marvel movies, but we’re now counting down the days until we can head back to the MCU for Deadpool 3.

There’s no doubt that Carol Danvers will be a key player in future as part of Marvel Phase 6. In fact, we’d be willing to bet that all three of the main stars of The Marvels will be among the main anchors of the new movies to come. We’re especially keen to see Iman Vellani’s infectious joy again if her Marvel series returns to streaming for Ms. Marvel season 2.

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