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The MCU just turned Captain Marvel into a new Disney Princess

The Avengers aren't enough for Carol Danvers, because Captain Marvel just joined another team as the newest member of the Disney princesses.

Captain Marvel just became a Disney princess in The Marvels

We know by now to expect the unexpected when it comes to the MCU. For example, we didn’t expect to come out of The Marvels having learned that Captain Marvel has joined the roster of Disney Princesses – at least informally. She’s already an Avenger, but it turns out she needed another super-team in her life.

The MCU has, of course, been a part of Disney for many years now, but The Marvels has made the unprecedented step of turning one of the most powerful MCU characters into a princess. If you’re worried about spoilers, go off and read our The Marvels review instead. Otherwise, read on.

We really loved the irreverent sense of humor throughout The Marvels, and this is particularly apparent in scenes set on the watery planet of Aladna. When our central trio arrive on the planet, they learn that Carol Danvers is married to local ruler Prince Yan (Park Seo-joon). That means she’s part of the Disney princesses now.

But we’re not just dealing in technicalities here. The scenes on Aladna come with many of the key features we’ve come to expect from Disney princess adventures. Carol Danvers gets a glamorous costume change for a dance routine with her prince, which is crucial given the fact that songs are the main language on Aladna. What could be more Disney princess than that?

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Your next question is: does Captain Marvel sing? We’re delighted to inform you that the answer is yes. We believe this is the first time Brie Larson has sung in any of her new movies since the ill-fated musical Basmati Blues (it’s a disaster, but we sort of love its earnest weirdness).

In that movie, Larson played an American scientist trying to sell genetically-modified rice to farmers in India. You think that sounds odd? It’s weirder than that. There’s a Donald Sutherland musical number with a Darth Vader reference. You’re not prepared for it.

Of course, Larson also did her own singing as moody rocker Envy Adams in the completely brilliant Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and, before her best movies made her an Oscar-winner, she was a teenage pop star. Yup, we’re serious. Check it out.

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The evidence is clear. The Marvels has transformed Carol Danvers into easily the most badass of the Disney princesses. Captain Marvel’s powers place her among the most powerful heroes in the MCU, but it turns out she also has serious princess credentials. Is there nothing this woman can’t do?

There’s a new MCU film in cinemas, which means this is a great time to revisit the Marvel movies in order and get up to date on these characters before you head off to see their newest adventure. You can also look ahead to the upcoming Marvel movies coming as Marvel’s Phase 5 continues, including Deadpool 3.

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