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Manifest season 4 release date, trailer, plot, and more

After being saved from cancellation, the drama series is returning to Netflix, and here's what we know about the Manifest season 4 release date

Manifest season 4 release date

What is the Manifest season 4 release date? The little sci-fi series that could is finally getting a proper send-off. After surviving cancellation to be resurrected by Netflix, fans of the mysterious TV series will get closure on the passengers of Montego Air Flight 828.

That’s the hope anyway, and with a bumper 20-episode season, it seems likely everyone will be satisfied. By the end of season 3, the list of questions is long: what does Cal mean by knowing what he has to do? What’s Angelina going to do? And what was up with flight captain Bill Daly suddenly reappearing in the cockpit of 828, before vanishing again with what remains off the plane?

We can’t tell you that, but we can tell you all the information currently available about the Manifest season 4 release date, plot, cast, and what teasers are available for you to examine – as if you were a part of Project Eureka yourself. We hope you’ve your seatbelts fastened because this could be a bumpy ride.

Manifest season 4 release date

Manifest season 4 will premiere on Netflix on November 4 2022. Netflix announced the show’s return on August 28, 2022.

Manifest season 4 release date

Manifest season 4 trailer

The first Manifest season 4 trailer dropped on August 28 the same day the streaming service announced the release date.

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Then, a second Manifest season 4 trailer dropped at the TUDUM 2022 event. Watch it below:

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Manifest Season 4 plot

Getting into the weeds of what Manifest season 4 could cover would involve a relitigation of season 3 and all the existing threads. Suffice to say, there’s quite a bit to cover.

The major plotline is still the mystery of the plane itself, which got an enormous new wrinkle by vanishing clean out of the Eureka warehouse. Where did it go, and why did the captain return? Only the writers of Manifest know that for now.

You’ve also got Cal, who returned as an adult after disappearing, and Angelina’s rampage. The callings continue to provide ominous clues as well. It’s all in the air – no wonder they need 20 episodes to tie it all up!

Manifest season 4 release date: Josh Dallas, Melissa Roxburgh, and the cast of Manifest

Manifest season 4 cast

Thankfully, despite Manifest being cancelled, all the original cast are expected to return to reprise their roles. Melissa Roxburgh, Josh Dallas, J R Ramirez, and Ty Doran are all back, as Michaela Stone, Ben Stone, Jared Vasquez, and Cal Stone, respectively.

Matt Long, Holly Taylor, and Daryl Edwards will return, as Zeke Landon, Angelina Meyer, and Robert Vance. Two new passengers are being introduced, played by Henry Kim, and Kyle Boyd. The former’s character is an older Asian man from Singapore, while the latter is American Indigenous.

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From there, we’ll have to wait and see who else is revealed. Perhaps more passengers, or more NSA agents associated with Eureka. Or more older versions of established characters, who disappear into the aether only to miraculously return.

We’ll keep informed, in any case. For more on what’s coming to Netflix, check out our guides on The Witcher season 3, Squid Game season 2, and Sex/Life season 2.