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New Leonardo DiCaprio movie trailer sees the Oscar winner turn nasty

The trailer for Leonardo Dicaprio's new movie has the Oscar winner looking nasty, but for all the right reasons. We can't wait to see it on Apple TV Plus.

Leonardo Dicaprio in Killers of the Flower Moon

Leonardo DiCaprio has a new movie coming out soon and the trailer for it has the Oscar winner looking like his worst self! But that’s OK because Leonardo DiCaprio isn’t exactly playing an angel in this latest role.

The Killer of the Flower moon release date is getting closer and closer, and the new Martin Scorcese film for Apple TV Plus just got a tense new trailer that left us with our hearts in our mouths.

In it, Leo plays Ernest Burkhart, a conflicted man pressured by his loyalties to his Osage wife and the FBI agents in town investigating cruel murders. Among all of the compelling new movies 2023 has on offer, Scorcese’s latest effort might prove to be one of the best drama movies of the year.

The second trailer released, which you can watch right below, takes more of an imagery-focused approach compared to the first — using the film’s powerful cinematography and performances to drive home the intensity and stakes.

YouTube Thumbnail

It looks to be a stomach-churning affair, as it covers the real-life murders of several members of the Native American Osage Nation. Lily Gladstone, who was due for a breakout role, stars opposite DiCaprio as his wife.

And, not shockingly, Robert De Niro will pair with one of the best directors of all time once more for Killers of the Flower Moon. We can’t wait.

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