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Lawmen Bass Reeves cut a major scene from the trailers, here’s why

Lawmen Bass Reeves was missing an important scene that we saw in the trailers, so here's why the showdown was cut out of the final series.

David Oyelowo in Lawmen: Bass Reeves

If you’ve been following Lawmen: Bass Reeves from its first episode to the finale, you may have noticed the series curiously left out an intense scene that was shown in a trailer. Turns out, there was a good reason.

The scene, which never made it into an actual episode of Lawmen: Bass Reeves, was an intense one; in it, men wearing white cloth over their faces and armed with torches and weapons approach the Reeves’ home at night.

Jennie addresses them from her porch: “You’ve got to the count of five to get the hell off my land.” One of the men responds, “Lady, you’ve got two shells in that bird-killer.” Jennie then raises the gun and says “Then I’ll just shoot you twice.” A showdown befitting of one of the best Westerns on TV.

Showrunner Chad Feehan told TVLine the scene was originally shot for the series finale and was meant to relate to Sally’s experience at the town carnival. Instead, the story took another route for its ending, with Bass traveling to Texas to see Esau Pierce and Jennie’s unwelcome visitor in the form of Rachel Reeves.

“But inevitably, we decided that having Jennie and Bass both be revisited by ghosts of Christmas past, to use a very timely analogy, was more of an impactful and more of a mirrored image experience for the two of them.” Feehan added, “Having Rachel revisit Jennie in the finale and having Bass visit Esau, it felt harmonious to end the show in that manner.”

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Although the season is over, Feehan doesn’t think the narrative has run dry, saying he would like to see Lawmen: Bass Reeves season 2 happen: “I’m also hopeful there’s an appetite for more Bass Reeves so we can explore some of those great stories from later in his life in another iteration. There’s definitely meat on the bone.”

Though it was originally a Yellowstone spin-off, we said in our Lawmen: Bass Reeves review that it stands strong alone. So, we certainly wouldn’t be opposed to more episodes.

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