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Kevin Costner argued with Yellowstone creator over one major plot line

Kevin Coster of the Yellowstone cast may have left now, but apparently John Dutton was unhappy all the way back in season 2 of the best Western TV series.

Kevin Costner as John Dutton in Yellowstone

Kevin Coster is leaving Yellowstone. This we know, after much back and forth regarding his fate in the Yellowstone cast. But the best Western series, according to fans, had some trouble with the leading man all the way back in season 2.

The twist? Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan doesn’t think Kevin Costner was too off base with his criticisms, which were around his character, John Dutton’s, direction in the second season.

The actor now has the Horizon release date on his mind rather than what makes sense for his Yellowstone character, but Sheridan shared what the issue was.

Sheridan revealed to The Hollywood Reporter “There was a time in season two when he was very upset and said the character wasn’t going in the direction he wanted.”

“I said, ‘Kevin, you do remember that I told you this is essentially The Godfather on the largest ranch in Montana? Are you that surprised that the Godfather is killing people?'”

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“What he’s clung to is [Dutton’s] commitments to his family and way of life. Dutton’s big failing is not evolving with the times — not finding different revenue streams [for the ranch]. Kevin felt season two was deviating from that, and I don’t know that he was wrong. In season three, we steered back into it.”

We appreciate Sheridan’s introspection with regard to Costner’s concerns, and it sounds like Costner really did care about the TV series.

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