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The Old Man season 2 release date speculation, cast, plot, and news

The thriller series hit Hulu last year and secured itself a strong fan base - now we've got everything you need to now about The Old Man season 2 release date.

The Old Man season 2 release date: Jeff Bridges as Dan Chase in The Old Man season 1

When is the Old Man season 2 release date? Jeff Bridges and John Lithgow teaming up to star in a twisted espionage thriller? Ten out of ten concept, no notes here. With its ambitious concept and respected stars, it’s no wonder The Old Man season one hooked audiences.

When the thriller series broke out, it ended up breaking records by becoming one of the best debuts for the Hulu streaming service. The TV series has fast become popular with fans of action movies and spy movies, and is sure to be a contender for next year’s Emmys (given that it was just out of the time period to be eligible for this year’s awards).

Now everyone is waiting eagerly for the next instalment after being left on something of a cliffhanger in the first round. And given that a second season has officially been ordered, what better time than now to lay out what we know about The Old Man season 2 release date.

The Old Man season 2 release date speculation

As it stands, Disney hasn’t confirmed The Old Man season 2 release date, but the show will likely be back in late 2023 or early 2024.

Given that the first season premiered back in June 2020, it would make sense to stick to the summer release schedule. Filming of the first season was also disrupted by Covid after being announced in July 2019, as well as Jeff Bridges sadly being diagnosed with lymphoma in October 2020.

So all roads point to season 2 taking a shorter amount of time to film than the first, and as it’s reported for shooting to be commencing in late March, it’s looking reasonable for a 2023/2024 return.

In the meantime, you can now catch up on The Old Man on Disney Plus while you wait.

The Old Man season 2 release date: Jeff Bridges as Dan Chase in The Old Man season 1

The Old Man season 2 cast speculation

We don’t have an official cast list, but we’d expect Jeff Bridges and John Lithgow to reprise their roles as part of The Old Man season 2 cast.

We also know that Amy Brenneman will also be back to play Zoe, as confirmed by executive producer Jon Steinberg [via Deadline].

“Zoe will definitely be back. She’s a key piece of this story, a key connection for Dan,” Steinberg says. “And Amy is such a brilliant actress and partner in this. We’re very excited about Zoe’s story going forward.”

So aside from the obvious exclusions of those who didn’t make it out of the first season alive, such as Agent Waters, we can probably expect most of the main players to return.

The Old Man season 2 cast list:

  • Jeff Bridges as Dan Chase/Johnny Kohler
  • John Lithgow as Harold Harper
  • Alia Shawkat as Angela Adams/Emily Chase
  • Amy Brenneman as Zoe McDonald
  • Gbenga Akinnagbe as Julian Carson

The Old Man season 2 release date: Jeff Bridges and John Lithgow as Dan Chase and Harold Harper in The Old Man season 1

The Old Man season 2 plot speculation

The Old Man season 2 plot would almost definitely pick up on where season 1 left off.

The season 1 finale saw Dan and Harold begin their rescue of Angela/Emily after she was kidnapped by Faraz. Now that Dan and Harold are back together, we would also expect to see more of their past in Afghanistan. This holds the possibility for some flashback potential in the upcoming season to build more depth in their relationship.

According to Steinberg [via Deadline], it’s all “fair game” when it comes to learning more about Dan’s past, and season 2 will spend time with both him and Harold in a place they spent their youth and “to see the past through their present eyes.”

Speaking of Angela/Emily, it’s likely that we’ll see her learn the true identity of her father, and given that Steinberg has a particular way of keeping their characters on the same level of understanding as the audience, we’d be willing to bet on it.

“As a general rule, we never want a character to be too far behind the audience. So that’s coming pretty quickly for her,” he says.

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