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Jason Isaacs thinks he could play another classic Harry Potter villain

Not content with already playing one of the best Harry Potter villains, Jason Isaacs seems to think he would do a grand job playing another magical bad guy.

Jason Isaacs as Lucius Malfoy in Harry Potter

Of all the various nemeses Harry Potter comes up against, Jason Isaacs’ Lucius Malfoy is among the most despicable for sure. But, in an alternate timeline, Harry Potter would have had to face Isaacs in another, very different role, and we could have seen Gilderoy Lockhart become the very best Harry Potter villain of them all.

When you watch the Harry Potter movies in order, you can see Lucius Malfoy develop into a rather sadistic, at times snivelling, servant of the mighty Voldemort. The way Lucius treats his son, Draco, should be all the evidence you need to realize he is not the kind of man you want to get on the wrong side of.

But, what if Isaacs had never taken the role of Lucius Malfoy in the Harry Potter cast? Well, according to a piece in MuggleNet, the actor would have loved to have tried his hand at playing a more playful antagonist.

Isaacs said: “I’d like to play Ken [Branagh’s character]… I would play Gilderoy and try [to] catch all the pixies. I thought he was hilarious, the way he was trying to be, the hubris of him pretending to be this great wizard and being unable to control the pixies.”

The Harry Potter series has produced some of the best fantasy movies of all time, but perhaps they missed a trick by not letting Jason Isaacs frolic around with pixies instead of being all dark and mysterious. We will be waiting patiently for the Harry Potter TV series release date to make this dream come true.

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