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Is The Covenant streaming? How to watch the new Guy Ritchie movie

Guy Ritchie's new movie stars Jake Gyllenhaal as a soldier who befriends an interpreter during the War in Afghanistan, so here's how to watch The Covenant.

Jake Gyllenhaal in Guy Ritchie movie The Covenant

Is The Covenant streaming? Guy Ritchie is back on screens, and this time he’s taking on a war movie. The Covenant is set against the backdrop of the War in Afghanistan, following a bond that forms between a US soldier and his Afghan interpreter.

The new movie stars Jake Gyllenhaal as Sgt. John Kinley, who hires Ahmed (Dar Salim) to help him communicate with civilians during his time in Afghanistan. They are separated when Kinley is injured in action, but he chooses to return to the country in order to save his new friend from the Taliban pursuing him.

It has all of the ingredients to be one of Guy Ritchie‘s best movies and will hope to join the canon of the best war movies ever made. So we’ve taken a look at how to watch The Covenant, so you can track down the right place in cinemas or on the best streaming services to see Ritchie’s latest journey into the world of high-octane action.

Where can I watch The Covenant?

The Covenant is available to watch in cinemas in the USA right now, having released on April 21, 2023.

It’s good news for Ritchie fans in the States, as The Covenant is out in theatres right now. If you’re in the UK, though, we don’t yet have any information on when the movie will be released. Prime Video has the non-US rights, though, so it might show up on streaming sooner rather than later.

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Is The Covenant streaming?

No, The Covenant is not streaming right now. It’s a cinema-only release to begin with.

Can I watch The Covenant online?

No, you can’t watch The Covenant online yet. However, it will likely become available on a variety of digital platforms later this year, following its cinema release.

Is The Covenant on Netflix?

No, The Covenant is not on Netflix. We’ll keep an eye out and let you know if the movie does become available, but we don’t expect it to join the ranks of the best Netflix movies in the near future.

Jake Gyllenhaal in Guy Ritchie war movie The Covenant

Is The Covenant on Disney Plus?

No, The Covenant is not on Disney PlusAnd, given the movie has not been made by either Disney or one of the companies it now owns, it’s unlikely to show up on Disney Plus any time soon.

Is The Covenant on Prime Video?

No, The Covenant is not on Prime Video, but we expect it to show up soon.

Prime Video is handling distribution for the movie outside of the USA, and we expect Stateside viewers will eventually have the chance to stream the movie via Amazon’s platform as well.

Dar Salim and Jake Gyllenhaal in The Covenant

Is The Covenant on Blu-ray?

No, The Covenant is not on Blu-ray just yet. It is likely that there will be a Blu-ray release for this one, but it’s still in cinemas right now so there will be a few months to wait.

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