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Gossip Girl season 2 release date speculation, trailer, cast and more

Here is everything you need know about the Gossip Girl season 2 release date, trailer, cast, and more on the reboot of the teen series

Gossip girl season 2 release date

What is the Gossip Girl season 2 release date? Hey, Upper East Siders, The Digital Fix here, your one and only source into the reboot of the scandalous TV series about Manhattan’s elite – Gossip Girl (2021). If our opening reference didn’t give it away already, the show about New York’s 1% has returned with a modern makeover and a new set of wealthy teens.

Set nine years after the events of the original series, Gossip Girl tells the story of the latest social ‘in crowd’ in Manhattan and their online battle with the reawakened expose page Gossip Girl. Since premiering on the streaming service HBO Max in July 2021, the Gossip Girl reboot has been a roaring success. As such, HBO Max has already confirmed that Gossip Girl season 2 is on its way. This is great news as the series is full of addictive drama, and there are already a lot of questions about the lives of these fabulous teens.

The Digital Fix may not be Gossip Girl, but it’s pretty damn close when it comes to finding juicy facts and rounding up news. Here we go over the Gossip Girl season 2 release date, trailer, cast, plot and more. That’s right, unlike a certain someone, there is no secret The Digital Fix isn’t willing to tell, xoxo.

Gossip Girl season 2 release date speculation

The good news is that we know that Gossip Girl season 2 is definitely coming. Unfortunately, we don’t know when. In September, HBO Max announced that it had renewed the reboot of Gossip Girl for an all-new instalment, even before all the episodes of season 1 were released.

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The Gossip Girl Instagram account also re-affirmed the announcement with a cheeky video clip revealing that season 2 was greenlit to its followers. The teaser shows someone logging into the mysterious account and typing ‘season 2’, while a voiceover says: “Let’s see if this gets their attention.” The video definitely caught our eye.

We probably won’t get news on a release date for Gossip Girl season 2 anytime soon, at least not until we hear about filming for the next chapter in the teen story. Many fans have probably realised that season 1 of Gossip Girl has been broken up into two parts.

The first six episodes of season 1 came out in July, and Part 2 of the season was released on November 25, on Thanksgiving Day for US fans. UK viewers got to see Part 2, at the end of December. So as of right now, every Gossip Girl fan is up to speed and caught up with the story.

Now that both Part 1 and Part 2 have been released globally, we are hopeful that news on a potential release date for Gossip Girl season 2 will break soon. So, be sure to check in regularly with this page for any updates.

Gossip Girl season 2 release date: Julien and her friends taking a selfie

Gossip Girl season 2 plot speculation

Even though we don’t have an official synopsis for the plot of Gossip Girl season 2, we have gotten some hints from the show’s crew members on what direction they want the new season to progress.

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So far Gossip Girl, we have seen the account of the high schools’ feared rumour mill, ‘Gossip Girl’, return to expose all the secrets of Manhattan’s elite. In the original series, the site was closed down, and now after nine years, a group of disgruntled teachers have decided to resurrect the page.

We see the site target the popular gang of high schoolers, causing fractures in the group and exposing secrets. Front and centre of this cyber-attack are half-sisters Julien and Zoya, who, after recently meeting for the first time, turn against each other once Zoya starts dating Julien’s ex and Gossip Girl fans the flames.

Gossip Girl season 2 release date: Julien and Zoya

At the end of season 1, after plenty of drama, Aki, Audrey, and Max are now officially a threesome – expect juicy conflict soon. Julien is also dealing with some extreme family drama, regarding her dad’s sexual assault allegations. And finally, everyone is keener than ever to take Gossip Girl down once and for all.

As you can see, there is a lot of tension going on here and to look forward to. But right now, we don’t know what direction it will take, just that it will probably get entertainingly messy.

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Stephanie Savage, an executive producer for the show, has also told Glamour that season 2 will dive deeper into the familiar themes of the Gossip Girl franchise that we saw in season 1. “Certain things are essential to the Gossip Girl franchise,” Savage explained. “A strong, complicated female dynamic at the centre, romantic triangles—which exist in the new show but are updated—and parent-kid relationships.”

So, needless to say, we can look forward to Gossip Girl season 2 continuing to follow the spicy and dramatic formula we all know and love from the series. We’ll be sure to keep you posted on any updates on the plot of the upcoming chapter as soon as we know more details.

Gossip Girl season 2 cast

We can expect the main teen gang of Upper Eastside elites to return for Gossip Girl season 2. It’s pretty much safe to say that Jordan Alexander will be coming back as queen bee and social media influencer Julien, and Whitney Peak will return as her earnest half-sister Zoya. Eli Brown will likely reprise his role as Obie, Julien’s ex and Zoya’s current beau – who is also the cause for most of the conflict (let’s be honest).

Along with the central three, fans can also look forward to Kristen Bell returning to narrate the series as the voice of Gossip Girl, since, at this point, it is pretty much impossible to replace her iconic narration (thankfully).

Gossip Girl season 2 release date: cast of Gossip Girl (2021) season 2

Here is a list of the cast expected for Gossip Girl season 2:

  • Jordan Alexander (as Julien Calloway)
  • Eli Brown (as Obie Bergmann IV)
  • Thomas Doherty (as Max Wolfe)
  • Tavi Gevinson (as Kate Keller)
  • Emily Alyn Lind (as Audrey Hope)
  • Evan Mock (as Akeno Menzies)
  • Zion Moreno (as Luna La)
  • Whitney Peak (as Zoya Lott)
  • Savannah Lee Smith. (as Monet De Haan)
  • Jason Gotay (as Rafa Caparros)
  • Todd Almond (as Gideon Wolfe)
  • Kristen Bell ( the voice of Gossip Girl)

However, all these cast members are simply speculation right now, as none have confirmed their return for Gossip Girl season 2.

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In the original series from 2007, the first season ended with the crew banishing an enemy from New York, and in its second season, it even showed the ‘death’ (or, should we say, fake death) of a main character. So who knows, the reboot could follow by example and get rid of one of its key players just like its predecessor had a habit of doing. We’ll let you know if any new cast updates or confirmations for Gossip Girl season 2 come in – stay tuned for more.

The reboot’s creator, Joshua Safran, also told The Wrap that we might see Gossip Girl’s original cast, such as Blake Lively or Penn Badgley returning for cameos in the new series.

However, before you get too excited about potentially seeing Serena or Dan again in the background, Safran said they wouldn’t be returning as their characters and didn’t mention when these cameos would occur. But we can still hope it’s soon, right?

Gossip Girl season 2 release date: the cast of Gossip Girl

Where can I watch Gossip Girl season 2?

Gossip Girl season 2 will be available to stream exclusively on HBO Max for US viewers. While it hasn’t been confirmed where it will be distributed in the UK just yet, it is a safe bet to assume that season 2 will have the same home as the last season. UK viewers will probably be able to enjoy the next chapter of Manhattan’s teenage scandals over on the BBC iPlayer. If any changes or new distribution deals happen, we’ll let you know.

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In the meantime, UK viewers can watch Gossip Girl season 1 on BBC iPlayer, and US fans can watch the series on HBO Max now.

And there you have it; everything you need to know about the Gossip Girl season 2 release date, cast, trailer and more.

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