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What happens after Jon Snow kills Daenerys in Game of Thrones?

in HBO's Game of Thrones Daenerys Targaryen's story came to a quick and brutal end but the wheel kept turning. Here's what happened in Westeros after her death.

Jon Snow holds the dying Daenerys Targaryen

What happens after Jon Snow kills Daenerys Targaryen? Game of Thrones was a mega-hit for HBO, but the final season didn’t exactly impress fans who complained the eighth series was rushed and poorly conceived.

One of the biggest complaints about Game of Thrones season 8 was Daenerys Targaryen’s storyline which saw the Mother of Dragons go insane (just like other members of the Targaryen family tree) and burn down King’s Landing. Horrified by what his Queen had done, Jon Snow killed his former lover and aunt (Don’t think about it).

But what happens after Jon Snow kills Daenerys Targaryen? Well, quite a bit, actually. Unfortunately for our favorite Game of Thrones characters, the death of the ‘final Targaryen’ only makes things more complicated for the Seven Kingdoms. Warning spoilers for the best fantasy series of the last few years ahead.

What happens after Jon Snow kills Daenerys Targaryen?

After Jon kills Daenerys, Drogon arrives in the throne room and tries to rouse his dead mother. Realizing that his rider had passed away, Drogon roars with rage melting the Iron Throne in the process. The dragon then takes Dany’s body and flies away with it to parts unknown. 

Jon Snow is then arrested by Dany’s Unsullied army and imprisoned while the remaining lords and ladies of Westeros decide on a new monarch. In the end, the council elects Jon’s cousin Bran Stark as the new king, and he sends Jon back to the Night’s Watch to appease Grey Worm and the Unsullied, who are bitter after Dany’s assassination.

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Bran also grants The North its independence from the Seven Kingdoms, with his sister Sansa installed as Queen in the North, and takes Tyrion as his Hand. Finally, Arya Stark decides to find out what’s west of Westeros and sets sail for unknown lands.

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