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What does FUBAR mean in the new Arnold Schwarzenegger series?

Action movie icon Arnold Schwarznegger leads a new Netflix series with an unusual title, so we've answered the question of what on earth FUBAR actually means.

Arnold Schwarzenegger in new Netflix series FUBAR

What does FUBAR mean? Arnold Schwarzenegger is back in the world of action, and he’s doing it with a comedic twist. The new Netflix series FUBAR casts Arnie as a CIA operative on the verge of retirement who is, of course, pulled back into the field for one last job – and it’s a job involving buried family secrets.

FUBAR is a fun return to his roots for the Austrian Oak, and Arnold Schwarzenegger fans are already calling it one of the best comedy series of his career. We have our fingers crossed for a FUBAR season 2 release date, so we can see more from the star of many of Hollywood’s best action movies on the small screen.

But what does FUBAR mean anyway? It might be the title of the new Netflix series, but where does the acronym come from, and why did it become the moniker of Schwarzenegger’s show?

What does FUBAR mean?

FUBAR is a military acronym standing for “f***ed up beyond all recognition”, as well as being the title of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s new Netflix series.

In many ways, it’s the perfect title for a comedy series. When you sit down with the best streaming services to watch something funny, you’re almost always hoping that things go very wrong indeed – as they certainly do in FUBAR. Spoilers incoming, so look away if you haven’t finished the show yet.

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The FUBAR finale left everyone’s cover blown and Luke (Schwarzenegger) forced to go on the run with his family to avoid the many, many bad guys who will now be on their tails. In the final moments of the eight-part series, Tally, Luke’s ex-wife, asks him what the plan is for their next steps, to which he responds succinctly: “I don’t know. It’s totally FUBAR.”

The phrase itself dates all the way back to World War II and is elegantly deployed here by Arnie, to sum up the hopeless situation in which he finds himself. Hopefully, we’ll get a second season to find out how it all plays out.

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