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Even Arnold Schwarzenegger “cracked up” making this FUBAR scene

Arnold Schwarzenegger is back with a new Netflix series called FUBAR. Now, the action movie star has shared how he struggled to get through filming one scene.

Arnold Schwarzenegger in FUBAR

Arnold Schwarzenegger has made some of the best action movies of all time. Now, he’s back on screens with a Netflix series named FUBAR as CIA operative Luke Brunner alongside Monica Barbaro, who plays his daughter Emma Brunner.

FUBAR is already rocketing up the streaming service‘s charts, having released on May 25, 2023. It blends plenty of action, thrills, and espionage with humor, and while it’s far from Schwarzenegger’s finest work (to be fair, he has made some of the best movies of all time), it’s an easy crowd-pleaser with lots in its favor.

Now, in an interview with Collider, Schwarzenegger has revealed the one FUBAR scene that made him break down laughing. Speaking about the puppet scene with the CIA psychiatrist, Schwarzenegger said, “I have to say that I cracked up and screwed up a lot of takes because I remember the director got very frustrated at one point.”

Continuing on, he shared, “What would happen was that, somehow, Monica was able to do every take a little differently, and so there was always another schtick in there that made me surprised and made me laugh. So eventually, the guy said to me, the director said, ‘Hey, Arnold, let’s settle down. Do you need a few minutes? Because I would like to get one take where you don’t laugh because he’s supposed to be very serious.'”

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While Schwarzenegger might be one of the most physically intimidating men in Hollywood history, his story is a delightful reminder that he has a soft side too. And the joy that was shared between the actors behind the scenes has translated to the end result, with FUBAR being a fun and lighthearted comedy series.

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