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Eragon TV series release date speculation, cast, plot, and more news

We adore Christopher Paolini's Inheritance Cycle novels, so we can't wait for the Eragon TV series release date on Disney Plus. Check out everything we know.

Eragon TV series release date: Eragon and Sapphira from 2006 movie

What is the Disney Plus Eragon TV series release date? Look, let’s be honest: the Eragon movie absolutely sucked. It butchered too many storylines and characters from the book, disappointing fans and newcomers alike.

Thankfully, though, the smell of redemption is in the air. The full story of Eragon is returning to screens in the form of a Disney Plus TV series, and we literally can’t wait. It has the potential to become one of the best TV series on the streaming service, and if they get it right it could even rank among the best fantasy series in TV history. That’s how good the story of Eragon is.

But, getting it right will be a challenge: the brains behind the show (which author Christopher Paolini is involved with) will need to cast the right actors, get the right scripts, nail the tone, and wow with the visuals. No pressure. We still have faith, though, and so in eager anticipation for the Eragon TV series release date, we’ve scoured Alagaësia to put together all the current information about the series, and more.

Eragon TV series release date speculation

We don’t have a confirmed release date for the Eragon TV series right now, but we’re strongly expecting the show to be released at some point in late 2025.

This estimation is based on the fact that development on the series was confirmed in 2022, and the Percy Jackson TV series proved that it takes about 3 years between the start of development and the release of a series of this nature on Disney Plus.

The long wait could also be exacerbated by several additional factors, including the ongoing unresolved Hollywood strikes, and the fact that the show will require extensive visual effects work. As soon as casting announcements are made and filming officially begins, we’ll be able to give a firmer prediction. But, until then, 2025 is our best estimate.

Eragon TV series release date: Saphira and Eragon getting ready for battle

What will the Eragon TV series be about?

The Eragaon TV show is set to adapt all four books in Paolini’s Inheritance Cycle, starting with the first: Eragon. It’s extremely likely that season 1 of the show will cover the plot of the first book, which sees the young farm boy Eragon begin his adventure with Brom after he discovers a mysterious dragon egg.

As the egg hatches Eragon’s relationship with his young dragon is a core aspect of the novel, as is his discovery of his own powers as he travels across the land of Alagaësia which is under the rule of the evil king Galbatorix. The first book contextualizes this fantastical word and sets up his adventure, all while being filled with brilliant characters, battles, romance, and danger. It’s like some kind of hybrid between Lord of the Rings and Star Wars.

There’s so much to cover, which makes it likely that season 1 of the Eragon series will be restricted to the plot of the first book. Either way, fans can rest easy knowing that the drama series’ plot will probably be faithful to the novels because Paolini is co-writing the script.

Eragon TV series release date: Saphira, Eragon and Brom

Who is in the Eragon TV series cast?

There aren’t any official casting announcements for the Eragon series yet, but, there’s still plenty to talk and speculate about. 

Many are waiting to hear the final decisions over at Disney. However, plenty of fan castings are petitioning for at least one familiar face in the series: Jeremy Irons.

In the 2006 Eragon movie, Irons played the part of Brom, and you have to admit, did a pretty good job of it. Seeing him back as the character in the upcoming reboot would be an undeniably welcome surprise. But unfortunately, Irons hasn’t commented or confirmed any talks between himself and the show, and it could be that the role is better suited to a younger actor now. Stephen Dillane, who played Stannis in the Game of Thrones cast, would be a good call.

Other names among some fan casting picks include Tom Holland as Eragon (though, that’s not one that we can get on board with), Kit Harrington as Eragon’s half-brother Murtagh, and Jessica Henwick as the elf Arya. As we mentioned above, all these names are just wishful fan thinking. What we do know for sure about the upcoming series is its main crew, though.

Christopher Paolini himself is set to executive produce and co-write the TV series. Bert Salke, who is also working on Disney’s Percy Jackson TV series, is serving as its executive producer. With the author on board as well as Salke, any casting decisions will likely be a perfect fit for the fantasy characters, as they both are close to the source material and the story’s original vision. Stay tuned!

Eragon TV series release date: Saphira as a baby dragon

Is there an Eragon TV series trailer?

There’s no Eragon TV series trailer, and we probably won’t get one until late 2024 or early 2025, depending on when the release date is confirmed. 

In the meantime, you can revisit this clip from the movie if you want to remind yourself about what’s in store.

YouTube Thumbnail

How many episodes will be in the Eragon TV series?

We think Eragon season 1 will feature eight episodes, as this is broadly typical for Disney Plus shows and is the same amount of episodes as the first season of the Percy Jackson TV series, which is similar in a lot of ways.

Having said that, there’s no official confirmation of anything just yet.

Eragon TV series release date: A dragon breathing fire

Where can I watch the Eragon TV series?

The Eragon TV series will be available exclusively on Disney Plus.

That’s everything we know about the Eragon TV series on Disney Plus. For more, find out what’s new on Disney Plus this month before seeing our picks for the best fantasy movies of all time. We also have a list of the best Disney Plus shows, so you can see what else is out there. Or, if you want more fantastical teens, see what’s going on with Wednesday season 2.