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The Hashira Training Arc in Demon Slayer explained

Find out what's next for Tanjiro and Co with our detailed guide explaining the upcoming Hashira Training Arc in the hit anime series, Demon Slayer.

The Hashira Training Arc: the next season of Demon Slayer explained

What is The Hashira Training Arc in Demon Slayer? It is time to grab your blades and ready your breathing techniques because the end of Demon Slayer is almost here. Following the explosive events of season 3, we are almost at the final showdown in the anime series, with The Hashira Training Arc being the next stop toward the highly anticipated Demon Slayer ending.

That is right, folks, Demon Slayer (aka one of the best anime series of all time) is nearing its end. The Demon Slayer season 3 ending saw the Swordsmith Village Arc come to a close, with Muzan Kibutsuji determined to find Nezuko and become unstoppable once and for all. Obviously, Tanjiro and the rest of our favorite Demon Slayer characters aren’t going to go down without a fight, and the next season of the hit TV series will see them get ready to kick some mega demon butt.

But, you may be asking yourself what is The Hashira Training Arc, how long it will last, and who is the main anime villain that Tanjiro will be fighting next. Well, we are here to answer all your burning questions down below.

What is The Hashira Training Arc?

The Hashira Training Arc is the tenth story arc in the Demon Slayer manga and follows Tanjiro training with the Hashira for the final fight against Muzan. However, while Tanjiro prepares, Muzan continues to search for Nezuko, desperate to absorb her new sun-walking powers for himself.

The Arc isn’t only concerned with Tanjiro’s training, but it will see the rest of the Hashira trying to awaken their Demon Slayer Marks in order to increase their strength and beat Muzan once and for all. During Demon Slayer season 3, we saw that Muichiro and Mitsuri gained their marks while fighting the Upper Rank 4 and Upper Rank 5 demons.

With Tanjiro also having his Demon Slayer Mark ready to go, the rest of the Hashira need to join the crew if they have any hope of wiping out the demons once and for all. In order to awaken their marks, the Hashira must complete certain and (at times life-threatening) criteria – meaning they must push themselves to the limit to unlock their true potential.

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What season will be The Hashira Training Arc?

The Hashira Training Arc will be covered throughout Demon Slayer season 4 and is the final stop before we begin the epic showdown between the Demon Corps and the demon lord Muzan.

So yeah, basically, fans won’t want to miss this. While the Hashira Training Arc is focused more on the Demon Slayers internally than their fighting foes, it is a vital story beat to truly experience the upcoming finale. During this Arc, fans will get a closer look at all the Hashira’s backstories and will grow to love them more.

Nothing is more exciting than watching anime characters you’ve just connected with be thrown into danger, So to fully appreciated the Demon Slayer finale, you’ll need to tune into Demon Slayer season 4.

Hashira Training Arc explained: muzan smiling evilly in Demon Slayer season 3

Who is the villain in The Hashira Training Arc?

Although he doesn’t fight for the majority of The Hashira Training Arc, the main villain of Demon Slayer season 4 will be Muzan. After searching for Nezuko, Muzan’s spies discover the location of the Demon Slayer Corps’ headquarters.

There we will see him have his first scuffle with the Demon Slayers before we head into the next story arc, the Final Battle Arc. So get ready to finally see the big bad demon lord in action, folks! And also, brace yourself to witness the intense build-up toward the final battle in the Demon and Demon Slayer war.

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