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Who will play Batman in James Gunn’s DCU?

The Flash gave us a number of big screen Batman incarnations, including surprises, but do we know about the Bruce Wayne we'll see in James Gunn's DCU just yet.

James Gunn has a Batman to cast in the DCU

Who will play Batman in James Gunn’s DCU? Batman is one of the most coveted roles in cinema, previously held by great actors like Ben Affleck, Michael Keaton, and George Clooney. Though, to be fair, we talk about Clooney a lot less.

We’ve seen plenty of Batmans (Batmen?) come and go, but there’s a new DC Universe on the horizon under the stewardship of James Gunn and Peter Safran. We know Gunn will be adding to the list of Batman movies in order, but who will don the cowl and join the best Batman actors who have done so before?

The question of who will play Batman in James Gunn’s DCU is a big one, with new movies for Batman set to be among the cornerstones of the revamped DC world. When we look at the DC movies in order a few years from now, we expect Batman to feature just as heavily as he has before. But which face will he have?

Who will play Batman in James Gunn’s DCU?

George Clooney showed up as Bruce Wayne/Batman at the end of The Flash, but James Gunn has confirmed that his DCU’s Batman has not been cast yet. Sorry, Clooney fans!

Since fans saw the wild reveal of The Flash ending, which saw Barry Allen’s time travel in The Flash replace Ben Affleck with George Clooney, there has been plenty of speculation about the future ahead of The Brave and the Bold release date. That film is set to introduce a version of the Bat Family to the DCU.

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In a post on his Bluesky account, Gunn responded to a particular fan to confirm that he hasn’t cast his Batman yet. To be honest, given how emphatic Clooney has been about his distaste for one of his worst movies, we didn’t expect to see him again after that short cameo. After all, he explicitly denied being in The Flash at one stage. And at the time, he wasn’t lying.

The wait continues for Gunn to select his Batman, but we will also get more of Robert Pattinson when The Batman 2 release date comes around. That sits outside the main continuity of the Chapter 1 Gods and Monsters universe. Still, keeping up?

We’ve got our own ideas about who should be the next Batman in The Brave and the Bold, but the choice is Gunn’s to make. He’s currently hard at work ahead of the Superman Legacy release date, but we know he has plenty more DC on his plate.

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