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What happens to Ben Affleck’s Batman in The Flash?

He's definitely one of the best actors to ever play the world's greatest detective, but The Flash could present Ben Affleck with chance to say bye to Batman.

Ben Affleck has been the DCU's Batman since 2016

What happens to Ben Affleck’s Batman in The Flash? Ben Affleck has been the incumbent big screen Batman ever since 2016 but, with the DC Universe on the verge of a refresh, how did The Flash pan out for Batfleck? There are spoilers ahead.

Affleck joined the DCU with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in 2016, and he has since become one of the most acclaimed Batman actors to ever wear the cowl – even if they’re not the best Ben Affleck movies ever. But, with The Flash release date, Affleck has an ideal chance to say goodbye to one of the best DC characters.

So what happens to Ben Affleck’s Batman in The Flash? Has the stage been set for The Brave and the Bold release date to introduce a brand new Caped Crusader in the DCU?

What happens to Ben Affleck’s Batman in The Flash?

Ben Affleck’s Batman is seemingly erased from history at the end of The Flash, as the “normal” timeline now has a different Bruce Wayne.

Barry and Bruce have numerous conversations early in the movie, including Affleck’s take on the super-rich vigilante warning Flash about the dangers of time travel. In a cruel twist of fate, it’s that time travel that appears to have brought an end to his time in DC movies.

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When Barry Allen returns to his own timeline in The Flash ending, having spent some time with Michael Keaton as Batman, he believes he has reset pretty much everything back to normal. That is until Bruce Wayne steps out of a car, looking a lot like George Clooney.

The movie ends there, so we don’t get to fully explore the fate of Affleck’s Bruce Wayne. But it feels safe to assume that we’re now living in a world in which Affleck was never Batman. Oops.

But with the new movies in the DCU coming from James Gunn and his Gods and Monsters plan, it’s unclear whether the ramifications of this will ever be truly felt. But check out our The Flash review to see if we were sufficiently wowed.

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