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Underrated DC movie just beat David Fincher in streaming charts

The DCU and MCU are often accused of ruining cinema. Well that isn't true, but one superhero movie might have ruined David Fincher's day.

David FIncher stands in front of Blue Beetle and The Killer

David Fincher is arguably one of the greatest living directors currently working in Hollywood, and his filmography includes some of the best films ever made, but even he can’t defeat the scourge of modern cinema, the superhero movie!

Yes, the latest DCU movie, Blue Beetle, has landed on Max — introducing our new favorite DC character, Jaime Reyes, to a wider audience — and in the process, it’s knocked Fincher’s Netflix movie, The Killer, off the top of the streaming charts.

According to Whip Media, which collects data from the users of the TV Time app, Blue Beetle was the most streamed film in the United States between November 17-19, knocking The Killer to second place. Now, that may shock you if you’re not the type of fan who’s constantly rewatching all the DC movies in order and obsessing about which DC Villains will be in Superman Legacy, but as someone who’s seen both films, it’s easy to see why this is the case.

While Blue Beetle may not have set the box office on fire, it was well received by fans and critics (read our Blue Beetle review here). It’s funny, action-packed,  and arguably one of the best superhero movies of 2023 (not exactly a high bar, we know).

Basically, what I’m saying is that Blue Beetle is an easy weekend watch, whether you’re a teenager searching for something to watch on a Saturday night, or a family looking for something to fill the growing anxiety of returning to work and school on Sunday.

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The Killer, meanwhile, is a slow, violent, and methodical deconstruction of the hitman genre that the John Wick movies popularized. Both have their merits, of course, but, let’s be honest, Blue Beetle has the wider appeal. So it’s hardly shocking it’s taken over the streaming charts.

It’s also worth noting that The Killer was released a week earlier, so it’s possible everyone had already watched it on the weekend of November 10-12, an argument that’s lent some credibility by the fact that according to Netflix it was the #1 movie in the US that weekend.

So don’t panic, Fincher: people still love you. They just love novelty and new movies more. Speaking of new movies, if you want to learn about the Wonka release date or the Rebel Moon release date we’ve got you covered. We’ve also got a list of everything new on Netflix and a guide to the best movies ever made.