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Who is the other Supergirl in The Flash?

Sasha Calle plays Kara Zor-El, aka Supergirl, in The Flash. But there are a lot of DC characters zooming around in the new movie, and one is another Supergirl.

Sasha Calle as Supergirl in The Flash

Who is the other Supergirl in The Flash? It’s tough to keep track of all of the chaos in The Flash, including cameos aplenty and a tonne of multiversal pyrotechnics. But we’re here to talk about one special appearance in particular. Spoilers ahead.

Sasha Calle makes her DCU debut as one of the best DC characters, Supergirl, this week as The Flash release date has finally arrived. Kara Zor-El proves to be a vital ally for Barry Allen – both of him, it’s complicated – in the fight against General Zod. But, as the time travel chaos heats up, others enter the fray.

During one late scene, we catch a glimpse of another version of Supergirl, and it’s a deep-cut reference for fans of the best superhero movies. So let’s find out ‘who is the other Supergirl in the Flash?’, and what is she doing in the movie?

Who is the other Supergirl in The Flash?

The other Supergirl we see with Christopher Reeve’s Superman in The Flash is the version played by Helen Slater in the 1984 movie Supergirl. 

During the multiversal chaos of The Flash ending, we see different Superman actors and Batman actors as the characters’ timelines fracture. One of the scenes shows a CGI-rendered version of Christopher Reeve as Superman, along with Supergirl.

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This particular Supergirl, similarly CGI-created by the looks of it, is the incarnation played by Helen Slater. Her 1984 movie Supergirl exists in the same universe as Reeve’s Superman movies, and in fact he had been due to make a cameo at one stage of development.

Since her role in the ’80s movie, Slater has appeared in several DC movies and the best TV series for superhero fans, including as Supergirl’s mother Eliza Danvers in the Arrowverse show starring Melissa Benoist in the title role. She also played Superman’s mother, Lara-El, in Smallville.

Slater and Reeve’s characters finally got to share the screen in The Flash, delivering a nice easter egg for fans of the best movies from the comic book world, in a similar way to Nicolas Cage as Superman in his cameo.

Helen Slater played Supergirl in 1984

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