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Michal Keaton’s Batman returns in Batgirl set photos

New set photos from HBO's upcoming movie, Batgirl, reveal the first look at Michael Keaton's big return as the caped crusader, Batman

Michal Keaton's Batman returns in Batgirl set photos

Michael Keaton is back in black leather and looks better than ever. New set photos for HBO Max’s upcoming action movie, Batgirl, have hit the internet – giving DCEU fans a glimpse of Keaton in a full dark cape getup – returning as Batman once again.

Batgirl will see Leslie Grace star as Barbara Gordon, the titular superhero in HBO’s new movie. J.K. Simmons will play the role of her dad, Jim Gordon – reprising the part from Batman V Superman – while Brendan Fraser is set to star as the villain Firefly. Michael Keaton, who first played Batman back in 1989, was confirmed to be cast in the flick in December 2021. Fans will be pleased to know that not only is the legendary star returning as Bruce Wayne but so is his iconic suit – yellow bat symbol and all.

The new behind the scenes photos from Batgirl hit Twitter courtesy of the account Batgirl Film News. Although it is hard to fully confirm that it is indeed Keaton under the mask and not a body double, we are pretty sure that the actor is the one decked out in black and walking about on Gotham’s streets in the snaps.

You can see the set photos for Batgirl below:

These aren’t the first set photos to have leaked online from Batgirl. Previous pictures have shown links to the Court of Owls, Black Canary, and Robin – Batman’s trusty sidekick. So, needless to say, it looks like Batgirl will have a wide range of connections to the vast DC universe.

Besides appearing in Batgirl, Keaton will be taking on the role of Bruce Wayne again in The Flash. However, he won’t be the only Batman appearing in that particular movie. Ben Affleck will also be returning as his version of the caped crusader in the flick. Between Keaton, Affleck, and Robert Pattinson – who stars as Bruce Wayne in Matt Reeves upcoming solo superhero film, The Batman – it looks like we will have plenty of masked vigilantes to catch up with in 2022.

Currently, Batgirl has no firm release date; however, it is expected to land exclusively on the streaming service HBO Max sometime this year. The Flash, on the other hand, races into theatres on November 4.