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They keep making movies about animals on cocaine, now it’s a raccoon

Crackcoon is the latest unhinged successor to Cocaine Bear, as Hollywood has completely fallen in love with making new movies about various animals on drugs.

Cocaine Bear has now opened the door for Crackcoon

We got Cocaine Bear earlier this year. We’re getting Cocaine Shark. We’re getting Attack of the Meth Gator. We’re even going to see Cocaine Crabs from Outer Space at some point. So why not add Crackcoon to the mix?

Crackcoon joins the long list of new movies inspired by the box office success of Cocaine Bear, which earned more than double its budget back earlier this year. Check out our Cocaine Bear review to find out what we thought of it.

The company behind Crackcoon is the crowd-funding specialists at Fuzzy Monkey Films, who have made the likes of Frightvision and WrestleMassacre in recent years.

Crackcoon follows the aftermath of exactly the sort of mishap you’re expecting. During a police car chase, some drug users throw away a synthetic street drug with some unusual qualities. An unsuspecting raccoon gets into the bag at the roadside, triggering a murderous rampage.

There’s a trailer already for what will almost certainly be among the best comedy movies ever made about a drugged-up raccoon – admittedly not a long list. The teaser features plenty of gore, entrails, and raccoon puppet chaos.

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Crackcoon might not end up being one of the best movies of the year – Scorsese probably shouldn’t panic-edit a raccoon into Killers of the Flower Moon – but there’s no denying its commitment to creating the most unhinged concept imaginable.

Unfortunately for the Crackcoon team, they’re not even responsible for the biggest raccoon movie of the year. Have a read of our Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 review to find out what we thought of the farewell to Bradley Cooper as Rocket.

Back in the world of Cocaine Bear, we have a Jimmy Warden interview to find out about the writing process. We also examined five bizarre true stories that could inspire Cocaine Bear 2. Didn’t think about the raccoons, unfortunately.

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