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Chris Pratt explains his nude scene in this 2000s TV series

Chris Pratt has been reminded of an early television role, even before Parks and Rec, in which he had to straddle a bean bag and play guitar naked.

Chris Pratt

Before becoming Peter Quill (sorry Star-Lord), the lead of The Guardians of the Galaxy cast in 2014, Chris Pratt was mainly known for his television roles including Everwood and of course in beloved comedy series Parks & Rec. He also had small roles in the likes of action movie Wanted, horror movie Jennifer’s Body, and rom-com What’s Your Number? But did you know that he’s actually in nine episodes of teen series The OC?

The series ran from 2003-2007, and Pratt played Che, whose real name is hilariously revealed to be Winchester Cook. He meets Summer (Rachel Bilson) when she goes to Brown University, and is the driving force behind her left-wing activism, and is eventually the reason she gets suspended. Ah, it was a different time.

In one stand-out scene, he serenades Seth (Pratt’s Jennifer’s Body co-star Adam Brody) while straddling a bean bag, naked. Pratt revealed an interesting tidbit about the scene while in a Guardians of the Galaxy 3 junket with James Gunn to IMDb. “Interesting fact about that scene – I do this [holds finger straight] while playing the guitar, because I had severed some tendons in my hand and I couldn’t bend the middle finger of my left hand for three years of my life. There ya go! Easter egg!”

Since Peter Quill (sorry, Star-Lord) launched Pratt to fame, he’s had other leading roles such as Jurassic World, The Magnificent Seven, The Lego Movie, Pixar movie Onward, The Tomorrow War, and as the head of the Super Mario Bros movie cast, which is the only 2023 movie to cross a billion dollars so far. We’re sure that Guardians of the Galaxy 3 will be the next to do so.

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There aren’t too many Hollywood movie stars left, but Pratt is proving to be a successful one – across live-action and animated movies. Let’s just hope he remembers his humble beginnings, sitting on a bean bag and playing guitar naked.

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