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Black Mirror season 7 release date speculation, cast, plot, and news

Charlie Brooker twists tech into dark comedy with one of the best Netflix series around, and we want Black Mirror season 7 to wow us again.

Black Mirror season 7 release date

Before Black Mirror started in 2011, we felt pretty good about new technology. Now, we’re terrified by all of it. Charlie Brooker’s twisted anthology uses tech as a backdrop for bleak, satirical stories with killer endings and sharp gags. We love the show, and we can’t wait for the Black Mirror season 7 release date to bring us more.

Brooker is delving back into the dark reaches of his mind for more Black Mirror, hoping to maintain the ultra-high standard of one of the best TV series around today. He tried something different in season six with the ‘Red Mirror‘ strand, so we have no idea what to expect when the show returns. That’s exciting enough that we’ve embarked on a journey to find out everything we can.

Black Mirror season 7 release date speculation

Black Mirror season 7 is officially happening and we don’t expect another four-year gap, so the show should return in 2025.

Black Mirror season six premiered to great success on Netflix in June 2023, landing in top 10 lists all over the world and attracting strong reviews. But, with the 2023 Writers Strike hanging over Hollywood, it took until November 2023 before Variety reported that Black Mirror was coming back.

Brooker isn’t afraid to let the show hibernate, with four years between the fifth and sixth season. But given the huge numbers that greeted one of the best Netflix series in 2023, we expect him to be hard at work on scripts for the next run as we speak. These things take time, though, so we wouldn’t expect to see more episodes until 2025 or 2026.

Kate Mara in Black Mirror season 6

Black Mirror season 7 cast speculation

Black Mirror has become a great home for A-list talent, so we’re sure that Black Mirror season 7 will bring more Hollywood stars to the anthology.

Season 6 alone starred the likes of Annie Murphy, Salma Hayek, Michael Cera, John Hannah, Aaron Paul, Kate Mara, and Zazie Beetz. That’s quite the roster of big names.

The great thing is that this is an anthology series, so all of these stars only need to sign on for a fairly brief time. It’s not the same commitment you’d expect of an episodic TV show, so there isn’t the same level of scheduling turmoil. These people have absolutely packed diaries.

Our dream casting for season 7 would be Robert Downey Jr. We know that he’s a fan of the show as he wanted to make one episode into a movie, so that’s one hurdle crossed. And given he spent so many years playing Tony Stark, there’s plenty of room for him to lampoon that role as an evil tech guy in Black Mirror. Make it happen!

Aaron Paul in Black Mirror season 6

What will Black Mirror season 7 be about?

There’s no way of predicting what will tumble out of the warped mind of Brooker. That’s a really fancy way of saying this is an anthology series, so guessing what will happen is nearly impossible. 

In season 6, we had a mind-bending episode about streaming, one about a serial killer, and a werewolf even turned up in the penultimate episode. So I don’t know. Maybe in season 7, a tumble dryer becomes sentient and dates a pop star? Charlie, if you want that idea, it’s yours for free.

On a more serious note, we expect more of the ‘Red Mirror’ label. Brooker created that brand to distinguish more supernatural, horror-based episodes from the tech stories. This knocks the door wide open for a wider variety of episodes, and we love the idea of the best sci-fi series transforming into all-out horror.

Of course, the ghost of AI now lingers over everything in the world of tech, so we’re sure that will take center stage in at least one episode. Though we don’t think even Brooker could imagine anything as bad as what happened when we asked an AI to write a Game of Thrones sequel.

 Anjana Vasan in Black Mirror season 6

Where can I watch Black Mirror season 7?

Black Mirror season 7 will be exclusive to Netflix, just like the last few seasons. 

The streaming service bought the rights to the show in 2015, and Black Mirror has lived on Netflix ever since. You can now watch the entire catalog of Black Mirror episodes on the platform, if you want a very bleak weekend.

How many episodes will there be in Black Mirror season 7?

We expect between three and six episodes in Black Mirror season 7, but there has been a huge variety so far.

Almost every Netflix season of Black Mirror has had a different number of episodes, so it’s difficult to guess how many we’ll get in season 7. One of the joys of the show is its changing format, so you just have to sit back and enjoy the ride.

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