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Live out your own Black Mirror nightmare courtesy of Streamberry

You can join Black Mirror by inserting yourself into an episode of the sci-fi series courtesy of this clever website from Streamberry based on 'Joan is Awful'.

If you’ve ever watched Black Mirror and wanted to join in (for whatever reason), now you can. An official Black Mirror website for Streamberry has been set up, so you can feel like you’re part of an episode in one of the best sci-fi series.

The site is based on ‘Joan is Awful’, the first Black Mirror episode in season 6. In that episode, Joan’s life becomes the subject of an AI-generated drama series concocted by Streamberry, which spies on users and gobbles their data. You can now make your own awful TV series, or at least create a Streamberry homepage featuring it.

We did it, and you can check out the results below. Rudimentary, yes, but I think I’d watching that Netflix series – I mean, Streamberry show.

Black Mirror season 6 Streamberry website

What’s especially clever is all the nods in the other icons. Bandersnatch, the interactive Netflix movie starring Will Poulter, is part of the selection. There are plenty of in-jokes in Black Mirror, and the notion that Bandersnatch exists in some form within the franchise has us pondering if we’ll see that more explicitly.

YouTube Thumbnail

For now, you can find Black Mirror season 6 on Netflix. Check out our guide to the Black Mirror season 7 release date for when more might arrive. Otherwise, our new on Netflix and best Netflix anime lists will tell you what else you can find on the service.