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Bird Box 2 release date, cast, plot, trailer, and more news

Here's everything we know about the Bird Box 2 release date, cast list, trailer, and much more for the spin-off horror movie set in the sunshine of Barcelona.

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What is the Bird Box 2 release date? Here’s everything we know about the sequel to the Netflix smash hit, titled Bird Box Barcelona.

Bird Box remains one of Netflix‘s biggest successes. The streaming service released the movie in 2018 with Sandra Bullock in the lead, and it was one of the best thriller movies of the year. It started several (dangerous) viral trends, and dominated the streaming charts for months.

Now, a spin-off sequel to one of the best Netflix movies is coming, titled Bird Box Barcelona. Here’s what we know about the Bird Box Barcelona release date, cast, plot, and much more.

Bird Box 2 release date

The Bird Box Barcelona release date is confirmed for Friday, July 14, 2023.

One of the most exciting new movies of the summer will release straight onto the streaming service, and we expect it to soar (like a bird) right into the number one spot.

Filming on Bird Box Barcelona began back at the start of 2022, so its production process has taken a significant chunk of time. Fans of Bird Box will be hoping that it’s been worth the long wait for the sequel.

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Bird Box 2 cast

The Bird Box Barcelona cast list includes some big names, like Diego Calva, and will star Mario Casas and Naila Schuberth in the leading roles.

They will be playing a father and daughter duo respectively. As we get closer to the release date, expect some more names to be confirmed for the Bird Box Barcelona cast.

The confirmed Bird Box 2 cast list includes:

  • Mario Casas as Sebastián
  • Naila Schuberth as Sophia
  • Diego Calva
  • Georgina Campbell
  • Alejandra Howard
  • Lola Dueñas
  • Patrick Criado
  • Gonzalo De Castro
  • Michelle Jenner
  • Leonardo Sbaraglia

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What is Bird Box 2 about?

The Bird Box Barcelona plot does not follow on from the events of the first movie, instead telling the story of an entirely new group of characters trying to survive the same situation. 

Specifically, the movie hones in on a father attempting to find his daughter amid the chaos, and the group they create to try and navigate the situation.

Like the first movie, it will be an intense, suspenseful thriller with elements of horror. It may provide a deeper look at the unseen antagonists which are causing mass deaths and hysteria, or it might leave that ambiguous.

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Is there a Bird Box 2 trailer?

The first Bird Box Barcelona trailer dropped in May 2023, and gave a hint at what to expect while keeping things vague.

Primarily, it showed that the movie will take place at the onset of the mass hysteria, while highlighting Mario Casas as Sebastián as he attempts to flee Barcelona.

A second, more detailed trailer arrived online in June 2023, giving us a more in-depth glimpse of the characters fighting for survival in the dramatic chaos of the new movie.

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Where can I watch Bird Box 2?

Upon its release in July 2023, Bird Box Barcelona will be available to stream on Netflix. The movie is a Netflix exclusive, like its predecessor, and won’t be available to watch on any other streaming services.

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