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How long was the time jump in Barry season 4?

Things are never straight forward in Barry season 4 and the latest episode of Bill Hader's dark comedy series just gave us a time jump that complicates things.

Bill Hader as Barry Berkman (or Clarke) in Barry season 4

How long was the time jump in Barry season 4? Bill Hader just had to make things complicated with a surrealist time jump, didn’t he? Well, let’s get to the bottom of this.

Barry may be one of the best TV series around, but it’s rarely a simple watch. You’d think a show billed as a comedy series would be pretty easy to follow, but the Barry season 4 release date has seen things get real weird and conceptual.

In Barry season 4 episode 5, the story moves into the future. Whether it’s reality or not, is another question, but here’s how long the time jump in Barry season 4 was.

How long was the time jump in Barry season 4?

The time jump in Barry season 4 shows us events roughly eight years into the future. In the latest episode of Barry season 4, it is revealed Gene Cousineau has been in hiding for eight years, and we know he was keeping a low profile as he was scared of Barry Berkman finding and killing him.

This means that when we see Barry and Sally in the Midwest, under their new identity of Clarke and Emily, we can assume they have been there for pretty much the same time as Cousineau’s self-imposed exile.

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We’ll have to watch Barry season 4 episode 6 to find out how this all plays out for the Barry cast. Hopefully we will be able to fine tune the details of this time jump and ascertain whether it’s real life or fantasy. Until then, here’s all the new movies coming this year, and our list of the best movies of all time.