Barry Berkman movie explained

Warner Bros is making a Barry Berkman movie in the world of the hit comedy series, so here's what the film is all about and what Gene Cousineau's role is.

Bill Hader as Barry Berkman

What is the Barry Berkman movie? Strange things are happening in the Bill Hader-led TV show as it nears its finale, but one of the craziest threads of the series is the plans to make a movie about the titular character’s exploits.

Let’s be honest, the events of Barry are pretty damn entertaining, which is what makes it one of the best TV series of recent years. The wild lives of the Barry characters make for excellent viewing, so it should come as no surprise that season 4 includes a storyline where Warner Bros want to make a thriller movie about them.

So, what is the Barry Berkman movie about, which actors are rumoured to star in it, and how do the characters feel about this development? We’ve got all the answers you need.

What is the Barry Berkman movie?

In the world of Barry, Warner Bros wants to make a movie based on Barry Berkman’s murder of Janice Moss. After the Barry season 4 time jump and the resurfacing of Gene Cousineau, the studio thinks it’s a story ripe for the big screen.

The problem is although Warner Bros would make Barry the movie villain in this fictional biopic, the studio is keen to position him as the main character. This leads Cousineau to feel like the project is glamorizing what Barry did. He is initially very much against the idea, and even leads an online protest to shut the production down before it begins.

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That all changes in Barry season 4 episode 7. However, when Cousineau is told one of the best actors of all time wants to play him in the movie. The news that Daniel Day-Lewis is willing to come out of retirement for the role is enough to pique Cousineau’s interest, and he’s all in when he hears Mark Wahlberg would be on board to play Barry.

Cousineau decides to completely sell out his morals and agrees to Barry being portrayed more sympathetically to get the project over the line. But, the rumors of Day-Lewis and Wahlberg are all a ruse set up by Jim Moss, who wanted to test Cousineau’s commitment to the memory of his daughter.

Henry Winkler as Gene Cousineau in Barry season 4

So, the Barry Berkman movie will not star Daniel Day-Lewis or Mark Wahlberg, but the film does appear to be going ahead. Sadly, we will never get to see this made-up movie, but it’s a fun subplot all the same.

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