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What happened to Jake’s Toruk in Avatar 2?

Jake Sully won the respect of the Omaticaya clan by bonding with a Toruk but where is the creature in he new James Cameron movie Avatar 2 The Way of Water?

What happened to Jake's Toruk in Avatar 2? In the first Avatar movie, Jake Sully was thrown out of the Omaticaya clan when it was revealed he'd been spying for the RDA and was indirectly responsible for the destruction of the Hometree and the death of Neytiri's father.

To earn the respect of the clan once again, Jake bonded with a Toruk, a deadly beat also known as 'the Last Shadow' because its shadow was the last thing most people saw. The Toruk was a huge help in the final battle against Quaritch and the RDA, so you'd probably expect Jake to use it in Avatar 2.

Well, we've got bad news for you. In the new James Cameron movie, we don't even see the mighty beast. So what happened to Jake's Toruk in Avatar 2?

What happened to Jake’s Toruk?

Jake released the Toruk at the end of the first Avatar movie. Jake made this decision because he believed that after the battle with humanity and the RDA that the Na’vi no longer needed the Toruk Makto. I bet he regrets that now…

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