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Taylor Sheridan had to battle to make Yellowstone 6666 happen

If it wasn't for the sheer determination and tenacity of creator Taylor Sheridan, there's a good chance the Yellowstone 6666 spin-off would not be happening.

Taylor Sheridan as Travis in Yellowstone

If you love Yellowstone, you’ve one man to thank for the whole thing existing at all, and that’s Taylor Sheridan. And, if you’re excited about the upcoming 6666 spin-off, well, just know that Sheridan went to great lengths to make that happen, too.

Yellowstone itself is on something of a pause at the moment, due to the ongoing strikes and of course, the fact that Kevin Costner doesn’t want to continue his work in the Yellowstone cast. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t look forward to other strands of the Yellowstone timeline.

The Yellowstone 6666 release date is on the horizon, and you may be surprised to learn just how much it cost Taylor Sheridan to will that show into existence. In fact, to extend the story of the best drama series, Sheridan had to purchase an actual ranch, and let’s just say the former owner was not keen to let it go.

In a discussion with Abilene Reporter News, we get the story of Sheridan’s purchase of the 6666 ranch straight from the horse’s mouth. Joe Leathers used to own the real-life ranch, before Sheridan made him an offer he couldn’t refuse, try as he might.

Turns out, Sheridan was the sixth person to visit the ranch with a view to purchasing, and he spent three days there before getting down to negotiations. Leathers had already made it clear that any prospective buyer would need “deep pockets” and the desire and knowledge to run the “whole operation.”

“I got to be honest with you, I didn’t know who Taylor Sheridan was. And I did not care,” Leathers said. “He came, and I told him that I could see a whole lot more downside than upside, Why would I jeopardize the reputation of the ranch just to be on TV?” Leathers even left the meeting with Sheridan, but that didn’t stop the latter, and nor did the $320 million price tag.

“The guy put together enough investors he got it done… He didn’t bat an eye or take a breath,” Leathers continued. Eventually Sheridan secured the deal thanks to his vision for taking the ranch to the “next level.” Turns out, everything Sheridan wanted to bring to the 6666 ranch was exactly what Leathers had always hoped for. “Lo and behold, I work for the guy now… I have not seen a Yellowstone episode to this day.”

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Leathers even mentions “a God-thing” in relation to the acquisition, clearly feeling the move was fated in some way. Perhaps so. I’m certainly thanking someone that Sheridan was able to secure this Yellowstone filming location, as it is very likely 6666 would not be happening were it not for Sheridan owning this ranch.

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