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Wolf Pack season 2 release date speculation, cast, plot, and more news

Buffy is in the past now, but Sarah Michelle Gellar just loves fantasy. We're sure she'll be back on Paramount Plus for the Wolf Pack season 2 release date.

Sarah Michelle Gellar in the Wolf Pack season 2 release date

When is the Wolf Pack season 2 release date? Released on the same day as the Teen Wolf movie in January 2023, this supernatural story gave us a strong dose of teen scares on Paramount Plus. When you’re making a fantasy series with Sarah Michelle Gellar, you’re onto a winner.

Wolf Pack has more to boast about than the vampire-slaying icon from the best fantasy series, though, and with conversation about more episodes heating up, we’re chomping at the bit for more.

Wolf Pack season 2 release date speculation

Wolf Pack season 2 is unlikely to arrive before late 2024 and hasn’t been greenlit yet. 

Given that season 1 premiered in January 2023, we likely have a bit of a wait ahead of us. With the season 1 finale landing on one of the best streaming services in mid-March, season 2 has since been on the ropes with no official announcements.

There was positive news in April 2023, with Gellar telling Variety that “the conversations are happening” but there’s been no update since then.

If it’s ordered, we’ll have to allow time for the new season to be fleshed out, filmed, and then marketed. All this happening before late 2024, if at all, is unlikely.

Wolf Pack season 2 release date - Sarah Michelle Gellar

Wolf Pack season 2 cast speculation

Sarah Michelle Gellar has hinted she’ll be back to lead the Wolf Pack season 2 cast.

As previously mentioned, Gellar said she’s had talks around season 2. We’re sure the show’s crew would like her to come back, given that creator Jeff Davis has been singing her praises about how involved she is behind the camera as well as in front of it.

We can also guess the series’ other main cast will probably be in season 2, including Armani Jackson as Everett Lang, Bella Shepard as Blake Navarro, Chloe Rose Robertson as Luna Briggs, Tyler Lawrence Gray as Harlan Briggs, and Rodrigo Santoro as Garrett Briggs. None of this is set in stone, though.

Possible Wolf Pack season 2 cast list:

  • Sarah Michelle Gellar as Kristin Ramsey
  • Armani Jackson as Everett Lang
  • Bella Shepard as Blake Navarro
  • Chloe Rose Robertson as Luna Briggs
  • Tyler Lawrence Gray as Harlan Briggs
  • Rodrigo Santoro as Garrett Briggs

Wolf Pack season 2 release date

What will Wolf Pack season 2 be about?

Season 2 will likely pick up straight after the cliffhanger from season 1, which revealed Kristen is a wolf. Expect her morality to be explored in more depth.

We’re unlikely to get any hints until a season 2 is formally announced, but Davis has established threads with the hope of paying things off a little further down the line.

With Kristen constantly teetering on the line between goodie and baddy, season 2 should start to push her one way or the other. There’s also the matter of Austin stabbing Baron with a silver dagger, a big no-no in the world of wolves. His demise or survival is up in the air.

We’ll have to wait and see where fate leads Kristen and her cubs, but we’re hoping this murky quality sticks around.

Wolf Pack season 2 release date - Sarah Michelle Gellar

Is there a Wolf Pack season 2 trailer?

We probably won’t get a season 2 trailer until mid-2024 or later, as Wolf Pack hasn’t been given more episodes yet.

But that doesn’t mean you have to go away empty-handed. Why not use this opportunity for a nostalgia tour of some of Gellar’s best Buffy moments? Treat yourself!

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Where can I watch Wolf Pack season 2?

Wolf Pack season 2 will stream on Paramount Plus if it ever comes out.

If Paramount decides to not move ahead with more episodes, there’s a chance another network could pick up the pieces, but we’re not there just yet.

You can rewatch season 1 right now, as well as everything else that’s new on Paramount Plus.

How many episodes are in Wolf Pack season 2?

Season 2 would likely have eight episodes, just like season 1.

It’s pretty standard for a series to stick to the same number between seasons, but there’s the chance it could be shortened or extended based on how confident Paramount is about its prospects.

The viewership for season 1 was modest at best, so while there’s no official word on this yet, we’re confident there won’t be more episodes than season 1 had.

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