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Twitter’s Warrior Nun campaign actually worked, and we’re stunned

Rejoice, Warrior Nun season 3 has been confirmed after a dedicated campaign by fans online, and now we just have to wait for the "epic" conclusion to the show.

Alba Baptista as Ava in Warrior Nun

Never discount the power of some concentrated fandom. Warrior Nun fans rallied, pushed, and pushed, and their wish has come true. Warrior Nun season 3 is happening, and one of the best Netflix series has gotten another shot.

Creator Simon Barry revealed the amazing new on Twitter. “Today I’m happy to officially report that because of your combined voices, passion and amazing efforts, Warrior Nun will return and is going to be more epic than you could imagine,” he says,

He adds more details are coming “soon”, so we should hear about the resurrection of one of the best fantasy series in the coming months. We’re curious on whether it’ll remain on Netflix, or go elsewhere. Frequently, cancelled TV series switch homes as their original owner has passed on them.

Those are questions for another day, though, because yay, more Warrior Nun! Fans truly weren’t happy when it was revealed the thriller series was ending on season 2.

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Twitter lit up multiple times with people stating they want Warrior Nun season 3. Billboards were taken out, all under the hashtag ‘saveWarriorNun’ to spread the word and make sure Netflix and other companies understood the audience and demand was there. Barry’s message places credit clearly on those fans, and rightly so. We expect Alba Baptista and the rest off the Warrior Nun cast to remain intact as well.

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