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Josh Brolin was almost in The Wolf of Wall Street

Josh Brolin has revealed that he was almost cast in Martin Scorsese’s hit 2013 drama movie, The Wolf of Wall Street, and now we can't stop thinking about it

Josh Brolin was almost in The Wolf of Wall Street

Legendary actor Josh Brolin has been cast in many hit films over the years. Be it as Thanos in the MCU, or as the protagonist in No Country for Old Men, he has done it all. However, in a recent interview on Hot Ones, the star shared another surprising film that he was almost a part of – Martin Scorsese’s 2013 drama movie, The Wolf of Wall Street.

Before his time as an actor, Brolin worked for years as a real-life day trader. When asked what he considers was the greatest stock market movie of all time, Bolin immediately said the 1987 movie directed by Oliver Stone, Wall Street. However, the star did go on to express his admiration for another financial hit, The Wolf of Wall Street, and reveal how involved he actually was with both the real-life story that inspired the film and the thriller movie itself.

“Wolf of Wall Street is a great movie. I knew Jordan Belfort for a while, and I talk to him once every couple of years now, but that is an incredible story, man; that’s an incredible story. But that’s not…that’s about stocks, but it is not about stocks,” He explained. “Wall Street is about trading and the behaviour around trading, while Wolf of Wall Street is just about absolute unadulterated greed – which is kind of amazing in itself.”

“I thought that that was a phenomenal movie,” the star continued. “There was one point where I thought I was going to be in a version of that movie, but I think Kyle Chandler ended up doing what we talked about, and I thought that he was excellent, excellent, amazing.”

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In the film, Kyle Chandler played the part of FBI agent Patrick Denham, a role that, although he excelled at, we can easily see Brolin ace if given a chance. However, even without The Wolf of Wall Street clout, Brolin hasn’t had any trouble finding work. In 2021, the actor appeared in the wildly successful science fiction movie Dune, and is set to return for its sequel in 2023.

He is also set to appear on our small screens soon in the Prime Video TV series Outer Range, which will premiere on the streaming service on April 15 2022. While we wait for the series to drop, why not check out more binge-worthy content with our list of the best movies on Amazon Prime.