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Will there be a The Outlaws season 3?

Stephen Merchant has made two seasons of his Bristol-set comedy series already, but The Outlaws season 3 could continue one of the best TV series on screens.

Stephen Merchant will be back for The Outlaws season 3

Will there be a The Outlaws season 3? Stephen Merchant’s comedy series about participants on a community payback scheme who discover a huge bag of money has proved popular with audiences. And it brought Christopher Walken to the UK city of Bristol, which is a gift to us all.

Stephen Merchant has been involved in some of the best TV series of all time, so his fans were excited to witness the premiere of The Outlaws in 2021. The series follows a group of strangers on their community scheme, and explores their journey into the criminal underworld thanks to the very dirty money that sets the show’s plot into motion. Did we mention that Christopher Walken is in it?

So with the show firmly established as one of the best comedy series on TV screens, on the BBC in the UK and Prime Video in the USA, we inevitably have to ask whether The Outlaws season 3 is on the horizon.

Will there be a The Outlaws season 3?

Yes, The Outlaws season 3 has already been commissioned by the BBC and Prime Video, so we’ll be back in Bristol soon.

In March 2023, the BBC confirmed that Merchant and his writers’ room had begun work on a new run of The Outlaws. At the time, it sounded like a lot of progress had been made. There were just seven months between the first two seasons, as they were filmed back to back, and it has already been almost a year since season two.

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It’s unclear whether the show’s progress has since been affected in any way by the 2023 Writers Strike, which began in May. Local press in Bristol has reported some filming taking place in May 2023, so we could still see the series return to the best streaming services this year.

That’s what we know about The Outlaws season 3 for now but, for more, find out why Christopher Walken painted over a Banksy mural and why Stephen Merchant thinks his best film is really a Christmas movie.

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