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This Lord of the Rings star has a Back to the Future cameo you missed

The Lord of the Rings cast is stacked with stars brighter than the Silmarils but one had a cameo in one of the best sci-fi movies of all time.

The Lord of the Rings cast member had a Back to the Future cameo

The Lord of the Rings cast is packed with plenty of famous faces, many of whom were certified stars before they even set foot in Middle-earth (New Zealand. Take Sean Astin, for example. While you might know him as the unlucky sod from Stranger Things who didn’t make it to season 3, he was in The Goonies, one of the best family movies ever made.

Still, what you might not know is that the man (or hobbit) tasked with taking the One Ring from The Shire to Mordor has a cameo in one of the best science fiction movie franchises of all time. Yes, that’s right, Elijah Wood, Frodo Baggins himself, was in Back to the Future, specifically the second one.

In his first big screen role, when he was just eight years old, Wood played ‘Video Game Boy’, who Marty McFly notices messing around with an old arcade machine. When Marty tries to show them how to play, the pair leave in disgust, shocked that they’d have to use their hands to play a videogame. Shocking how prescient these time travel movies turned out to be, isn’t it?

Wood was actually asked about his Back to the Future days when he appeared on Conan O’Brien’s late-night show, and the pair spoke about how eerie the comedy movie’s predictions about the future turned out to be.

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“What a hell of a thing to appear in,” Wood explained. “It was incredible.” Still, O’Brien couldn’t help but poke fun at his guest, asking what was going on with the green collinder Wood wore in the scene. Unfortunately, the star of the Lord of the Rings movies didn’t really have an answer for him beyond the fact he was glad the look never really caught on with the public.

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